What your grandchildren can teach you

While you’re well known for wisdom and experience, your grandchildren can also be great teachers. As we age, we sometimes forget the little things. Sometimes, these little things mean the most too. Here are five of the most important things you can be learning from your grandchildren.

Reverse you roles and learn from them for a change!

Keep up to date

Keep yourself up to date with current events and world news by asking your grandchildren what’s happening in their lives. Whether it is their new best friend having the best colouring crayons or your grandson going through the quarter-life crisis and moving overseas, being informed about their lives is a positive thing. Learning more about your grandchildren allows you to find similarities in interests and create a loving and caring relationship.

Be independent

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Your grandchildren have always wanted to do things independently, perhaps moving out to live by themselves or wanting to walk the dog on their own. Learn from your grandchildren’s persistence for independence and desire to learn something new and do something different. Try learning a new language or picking up a new hobby that your grandkids are obsessed with.

Just go for it

How many times have you heard, “but I want it now” from children? Perhaps it is time you learn to think like your grandchildren and do the same as well. Do the things that you’ve always wanted to, right now. Don’t waste time weighing up your options, start living like your grandchildren in youthful excitement. You’ll feel years younger as you’re being carefree of your actions.

Take advantage of technology

Grandchildren will never leave their smartphones more than an arm length away, and there’s a good reason for it. From sending work emails to chatting to people on Facebook to tweeting to text messaging to seeing the lovely faces on your screen, smartphones and laptops are revolutionary gadgets that seniors should also learn. Take advantage of these technology teachers, learn to use your gadgets and start communicating with your loved ones.

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On the topic of technology, it’s not too late to learn how to play new games. Just because card games were the norm when you were growing doesn’t mean you can’t play solitaire on your phone. Alternatively, play Scrabble via the Words with Friends app, now you can play games even when you’re in different states and you don’t need to pick up any letter tiles from the floor. Ask and learn from your grandkids about which games you can play with them – they’ll definitely appreciate the gesture.


Children will argue and fight with their friends and siblings and then the next day, no matter how big or small the issue, are back to being best friends. As we age, we tend to forget the beauty that is forgiveness, so perhaps think about whom you can forgive and get to a better place with.

How to love

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You’ve done and seen it all, many of you have experienced pain and hurt, but this is no reason to ever stop loving. Make sure you aren’t bitter and learn to love again with an open heart. Children, especially younger ones, love their parents and grandparents with such a great passion, if you aren’t already, it might be time to do the same.

Do you every watch your grandchildren and think about what you can be learning from them? Maybe it is time that you did!

What have your grandchildren taught you?