My husband has no idea how much sex I want

“You may find this as a surprise but I am still very much interested in that intimate part of our

“You may find this as a surprise but I am still very much interested in that intimate part of our relationship,” said Grace to her husband who looked at her with disbelief.

“Why? Do I sound crazy?” asked Grace who said that she was forced to bring it up with her husband because he “wasn’t giving me any”.

Apparently, he had this impression that Grace was no longer interested in sex because he felt that they were too old for it and that he might get turned down by her but the truth is, Grace has been waiting for him to make a move. And now she is exploding with the desire to have that intimacy with her husband again. “My husband has no idea how much sex I want,” she said.

“I never lost the interest. I think life got in the way and we just stopped having it.

“But the kids have all left the house and we’re back to being by ourselves. Just the two of us,” Grace said.

Eventually, Grace said that they will have to start the romance all over again as things were getting awkward.

“We’re rekindling this fire that we had but I’m mostly relieved that I’ve told Gary about it. I think communicating that to him has made me feel less frustrated,” said Grace.

While Grace is just one of the many over-60 women out there who had been too shy to tell their partner they still want to be intimate, others were being let down by their partners who just didn’t have the same drive.

Liz Hodgkinson recounts her experience with an over-60 partner: “When the relationship started I had high hopes. We had been on a few dates, laughed and joked together and appeared to get on well,” said Liz to Daily Mail.

“It seemed time to take it to the next level. Accordingly, we booked into a nice hotel for the night,” she said.

Liz revealed, “I, of course, had spent the previous week preening, honing, toning and tanning to look as good as I could hope for a woman of 69.

“He was over sixty, too, and attractive for his age.
“It had been years since I had last made love. But now, with any luck, the long drought was over.
“I was nervous but excited as we checked into our bedroom. ‘Our’ bedroom. Those magic words!

“Then he started to undress. And although slim and stylish enough in clothes, he was hardly love’s young dream (or even geriatric dream) when stripped down to black underwear. I tactfully ignored the gradual revelation of the sunken grey hairy chest, the pallor of ageing flesh and the stick-thin legs,” Liz said.

By now Liz was in bed and waiting for him. “He started to put packets of pills by his bedside table,” Liz said.


“Hardly. Here were beta-blockers, statins, warfarin and paracetamol, the standard nightly pharmacopeia of today’s elderly male.
“But worse was to come. He swallowed all his pills, plumped up his pillows and to get into the mood opened his version of hard porn: the New Scientist! His first words of love were: ‘Do you know about these elusive particles called neutrinos?’

“Those were his last words, too. He was soon asleep, snoring away. And that, I suspect, is the sad reality of most over-60s’ so-called sex lives.

Instead of being honest, Liz things that sixty-somethings are falling over themselves to assure everybody that they’re personally putting the sex back into sexagenarian.

Linda Kelsey, a former editor of Cosmopolitan, even wrote about how wonderful her sex life was now that she was over 60. Linda cited a new large-scale survey from Saga magazine saying the over-50s are more rampant in the bedroom than ever before.

Liz said, “If you believe that, you’ll believe anything. There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and sex surveys. You cannot believe a word you read in any sex survey simply because the respondents’ capacity for self-delusion is almost infinite.

“If I want to have a fabulous time in bed, I know that I would have to become a cougar and find myself a younger man.

“And that leads to another problem: whatever would we have in common to talk about? Besides, the only way an older person of either sex can hope to attract a vastly younger partner is if you are a super-rich celebrity. Otherwise, forget it,” said Liz.

Do you agree? Do you feel that intimacy is something that shouldn’t be limited to younger people?