Relationships: A tango or a waltz?

Nothing much has changed over the generations with male and female attraction, that is except the speed, and pace, that communication can occur.

There never has, and never will be, a ‘one size fits all’ answer to the often delicate interaction between a man and woman meeting for the first time.

With online dating now a popular medium to meet your dream partner, it often tends to give people the impression that online dating is the magic bullet.

Having spent many years in small group travel catering for mainly single professional and business men and women, I have seen first hand how couples interact at sometimes dramatically contrasting speeds.

During those years I had, what I regard, a privilege of meeting couples and singles, at various stages of their relationships. Clearly relationship building is quite complex, having said that, the complexity largely, in my view, is determined on the ages of the people involved, and their motivation. I am referring in this content to the 45 to 60 age groups not including the younger demographic.

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I compare the forming of relationships with dance steps and, I can speak from some authority and experience, both as a single man coupled with my long involvement with the single person travel industry, if one partner is dancing the tango or quick-step and the other is dancing the waltz, there is no rhythm within the relationship, one is in a hurry and one is laid back.

Much to my surprise I have found ‘star’ signs also have some relevance with the compatibility of relationships. I thought star-sign compatibility was a load of bunkum until I was given a book by a friend, written by renown author Linda Goodman, whom I had never heard of.

I read the book from cover to cover comparing my present relationship and past relationships and the different aspects of the positive and negative qualities of all 12 signs.

Before reading the book I had literally no idea of the 12 zodiac signs and the harmony and disharmony that exists between them including the feminine ‘side’ we males possess!

I was surprised at the negative and positive aspects, notwithstanding we all have individual personalities but looking at the correlation when taking all things into consideration I was amazed at the characteristics in the signs and when comparing one sign with another could see why some people get on well together where others are dancing to a different tune, destined for incompatibility.

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Are you looking for love in your 60s? What success have you had? Do you use star signs?