People around the world are lining up to buy these self-sufficient campers

You’ve probably seen a camper van or two in your time, but have you ever seen one like this? These

You’ve probably seen a camper van or two in your time, but have you ever seen one like this?

These eco campers are proving popular with people around the world thanks to their self-sufficiency and environmentally friendly assets. People are taking to the open road to explore different parts of the country or simply parking the camper in a scenic spot and settling in for a quiet holiday.

camper 1

camper 2

The camper, made by Austrian company Wohnwagon, is said to keep costs down and make life as easy as possible for owners. It runs on solar power and has a rainwater system for drinking, bathroom and kitchen water.

The interior can be fitted out with whatever the owner desires and it’s roomy enough for a couple to live comfortably in without tripping over each other all the time.

camper 3

camper 4

Of course all of this doesn’t come for free and the price of the campers vary between $49,000 and $104,500.

We’re not sure if we can quite afford that yet, but we’re happy to dream in the meantime!

camper 5

Would you travel in one of these campers if you could? Do you like to go camping on your holidays?

  1. I would not like to pull one of these. Does not seem to have a lot of clearance. I think I will stick to our camp trailer.

    • .Hubby got to old for a sleeping bag on the ground. 2 years ago he bought a camper trailer. Tent folds out over it. He lovingly showed off the deep Queen bed size mattress etc. Not impressed. He still goes to motorbike rallies alone. Takes his motorbike in the back of the ute now. Highways are crazy these days.

  2. I use to love camping, now however I prefer Hotels or Motels!

    • I’ve never loved camping. I have endured camping. But now I don’t have to and Motels are a magic word.

    • Camping is something you do sometimes to remind you how good it is to have comfortable beds and hot water on tap.

  3. You have to be kidding. You can put a very good second hand mobile home on the road for 104 grand. Why would you want to tow that monstrosity around.

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