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Have you ever studied at university as a mature student? This week one of our community members, Chris, wrote to

Have you ever studied at university as a mature student? This week one of our community members, Chris, wrote to Starts at 60, asking for some help in looking for a tertiary course:

I am wanting to study Australian History and am not sure where to start looking. I am 63 and need to do it online and not sure what it will cost.

Are you able to help Chris at all? Write below in the comments!

  1. Open universities will provide guidance to the most suitable faculty for ones choice. Web address is http://www.open.edu.au and the phone number is 1300 732 689. Fees vary considerably but they will be able to answer that question, the Making of Australia course was $769 for the current year. I believe Macquarie uni run these Australian history courses online. I completed an online engineering course 7 years ago while I was working and it was demanding but I did enjoy it and it was worthwhile. Good luck Chris.

  2. I studied public relations online through open university. Only had to do exams at the local uni campus. OUA is online, email them.

  3. TAFE offered a course in professional writing and it took me years to complete it part time. I loved every single minute. I worked so hard and took it so seriously. Although we had moved to Glenlyon, on the far side of the city, I travelled 2 hours back across the city to Frankston to attend my course, often arriving in the early morning darkness. I worked and reworked my writing and my assignments and never got less than credits and mostly Distinctions and High Distinctions. I had left school at 15 as my wages were added to the household coffers. So, I saw this as my one and only chance, so I gave it my all. Our teachers were terrific, class mates interesting and the whole experience one I will never forget. If I had time, I’d take on another course in a New York minute!

  4. I went to University when I was 43 and did a law degree. I found it a lot easier than when I was at school many many moons ago and I achieved better marks than most of the younger students.
    I think this is because I had so much more life experience than the younger students. I already knew a lot of law through various jobs I had worked in and through general knowledge learned along the way.
    Other mature age students found the same thing.
    I say “go for it”. You are never too old to learn something new.

    • Ruth, I’m sure you are right! I found the same thing at TAFE. It was always the young ones that need extension to get assignments handed in, or had a hat full of excuses for just about everything. We older students worked much harder and whereas many of the young dropped out, we mature aged students where still there at the end!

  5. Went back to Uni at 60 and did Post Graduate courses and as I am still working I pay HECS in my tax assume I will retire before I pay it all back but it was a terrific experience. Did wonders for my self esteem and marketability in the business arena.

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