Our Community Cares: Getting rid of weeds

Gardens are wonderful but at this time of year, more and more weeds seem to pop up and destroy all

Gardens are wonderful but at this time of year, more and more weeds seem to pop up and destroy all our hard work.

Glenda, one of our community members, is having some trouble with the weeds in her garden and is looking for some suggestions on how to kill them

She asked:

Help needed: Does anyone know how I can get rid of farmers friends weeds out of my lawn in the backyard? They are overtaking all the good grass!

Have you had a similar problem? Can you help Glenda?

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  1. First thing, mow often so that they don’t go to seed. There is a great gardening tool like a fork, these are great, can I just say though, many of our native birds rely on these weeds as part of their diet, pale headed Rosella and Galahs are just two, imagine encouraging these beautiful birds into your garden.

  2. After I have boiled my weekly breakfast eggs, I pour the very hot water onto the weeds……& this one was on FB SAS a few weeks ago:: 1 litre of vinegar, 1/2 cup of salt & few squirts of dishwashing liquid::: I haven’t tried it yet, though, I have plenty of “yellow flowers” in the backyard before mow-time ..😂😂

  3. Hot water/white vinegar, bicarbonate-soda and dishwasher liquid- I did that 4 weeks ago and all gone now👍, however, it doesn’t kill weeds clover ( this bastards clover stayed out even with hot water pours in them – any natural tips there for clover pls Thk u

  4. Get a little weeding prong from Bunnings and fork them out. If you are unable to get down amongst them (like me) you can place an outdoor chair alongside them, lean over and dig them out one at a time. If that is too much, see if you can persuade someone to do it for some pocket money, xmas is coming, most youngsters need extra cash.

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