Forgotten caravan brings back memories

A beautiful story of a forgotten caravan came to the attention of Starts at 60. It’s the story of an old

A beautiful story of a forgotten caravan came to the attention of Starts at 60.

It’s the story of an old yellow caravan that sat all alone and unnoticed in a field, until one day someone got curious enough to peer inside.

What was discovered was nothing short of marvellous.

In the 1930s, a caravan being towed behind a vehicle in Australia was often cause for discussion. A businessman by the name of R J Rankin came up with the idea to construct a ‘covered wagon’ for his own use. The construction of which proved to be so popular he started producing more of them.

The style and quality of caravans changed over the years. They went from being lightly constructed with plywood to being fitted with a steel chassis and aluminium cladding. The companies flourished as the models increased and names like Viscount, Coronet and Chesney were popular throughout the country.

There were restrictions with width and length on the roads, which led to rollouts, slideouts, twins and even two storey options, which allowed users to capitalise on the living area while remaining compact for transport.

Our love affair with the little home on wheels is obvious. Over 80-odd years the caravan has offered extensive opportunities in travel, holidays, and for some, permanent residency. Unlike camping (at least back then) the caravan allowed us to take the bathroom and the kitchen sink.

Do you have a caravanning memory? Share it with us below.

  1. Too many wonderful times and holidays and watching our daughter grow and play in Caravan Parks to recall. 25 Summers at beautiful Apollo Bay. She had a name “Chesney Girl” She is now doesn’t travel far but stilll giving pleasure in Warrnambool
    I believe.

  2. Yve Carlos  

    Well the story is misleading – what the hell was inside ? a skeleton of a grey nomad, or aliens – nothing was revealed!

    • Heidi  

      Yes, I was let down when, after reading article there was no mention of what was in the van!

    • Gayle Cameron  


      • Sandy Williams  

        SAS like mainstream media is rapidly becoming very ho hum with catchy headlines and vacuumess stories. This is a classic example of that.

        • Kassy  

          Disappointed in this article once again!

    • Click on ‘old yellow caravan’ on the third top line of this article & it takes you to the whole story & pictures.

  3. Christine Palfreyman  

    My family lived in a caravan for over 12years we travelled from top to bottom of the east coast and inland to Mildura and port Augusta, bathurst and as far north as Bowen doing seasonal work so I virtually grew up on the road late 50s early 60s it was a great life and learnt a lot about people the roads weren’t like now nearly all were gravel and the car wasn’t a big 4wd but we always got where we were going wouldn’t have missed it for quids

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