Molly dishes on good buddy Elton

The media is has been awash for weeks with the news that our dearly loved Molly Meldrum could have become

The media is has been awash for weeks with the news that our dearly loved Molly Meldrum could have become paralysed by a recent fall in Bangkok, but until now we did not know that he could have lost his arm in his recent accident.   According to media reports, Meldrum dislocated his shoulder in the fall and he says himself the damage was significant.

Molly, the energetic host of Countdown, the show that changed the music industry forever in the 70s and 80s, arrived back in his home this week after the accident to greet his little dog Ziggy.

At the same time, the soundtrack recorded for his recent TV mini series on Seven Molly has shot to number one in the album charts causing him much delight given the competition for the position.  His delight at beating out his old music sparring partner Elton John is enigmatic in this video. “At Number 10 is Elton John with his Album so… Maaa ma ma ma ma!” he said joyfully in this interview.

Seven’s Molly miniseries has impressed the country in recent weeks, recording astronomical ratings during its Sunday night premiere of 2.6 million people across the country, beating runner up My Kitchen Rules by 400,000 viewers.

The ARIA album charts show Molly’s success is greater than he thought, with his album outperforming more than just Elton John.  It is well outshooting other memorable bands and musicians from yesterday.
Have you enjoyed the trip along memory lane the Molly miniseries has brought?  ARIA 21Feb
  1. He’s a poor role model for young people. Our youth have enough problems without making light of and glorifying such a character. Drunken brawls, drugs, irresponsible behaviour.

    • Oh bugger off he is a well deserving person in his own right….role model???? He is in his 70’s now! Your argument held water back in the 70’s when it was all happening!

    • Sorry but who stated he was a role model? I don’t think he believes that himself! He is the epitome of 70s Rock and roll!

    • John Mellor has a right to say what he did without you Ceylene Copley telling him to bugger off! Not everyone likes Molly M including me! Yes he may have done a lot for the music industry & good on him for that but he was a bumbling idiot as well!!!

    • Oh for gods sake get a life!!!! Just because Molly lived his – as many did any others did back then – save your holier-than-thou shit for today’s do gooders! They actually need it.

    • He has never pretended to be a ‘role model’, or anything else for that matter, no tall poppy, just down to earth. Which cannot be said about a lot of other celebrities. ‘Bumbling idiot’ he may be, but he is an honest one and I would rather he be exactly who he is……..Just Molly!

    • Xim duChamp  

      Funny enough, I didn’t grow up knowing this character, so to me he is no big deal/hero or model of a person. Sorry!

  2. After seeing very little information on how Molly waa progressing after his accident it’s a relief he is back home and recovering. No more misadventures I hope.

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