This lifehack gets on the case of cleaning ceiling fans the dust free way

Ceiling fans collect an amazing amount of dust, but you can make sure you don't collect it when you clean them
Ceiling fans might keep you cool, but how do you not get hot and bothered when it comes time to clean them?

How do you clean ceiling fans without getting dust all over the furniture (and all over yourself)?

It is certainly a problem for those with allergies to dust.

This simple tip involves using an old pillow case, and it is simply as easy as that.

Put the pillowcase over the blade as you would a pillow, fold the edges in allowing access for your arms, and then wipe the blades.

You can do this either with an extra cloth on the inside or with the pillowcase fabric itself.

The dust will stay contained inside the pillowcase.

Once you are done carefully remove it and then rinse it out and then simply put it through the wash.


Do you have any tips to share with Starts at 60 readers on to clean things in tricky places? 

  1. Sue  

    I found some blade “stockings” you don’t even know they are there, slip off, wash, put back on, easy!! I found them at Big W. The simple things 🙂

    • kathleen Isaako  

      Thanks. I just purchased a pack of 12 online.

    • Kerrie  

      I use them too. They are great.

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