How to thread a needle easily every time!

If you are a sewing queen or a just a beginner there is one issue that plagues all sewers alike…

If you are a sewing queen or a just a beginner there is one issue that plagues all sewers alike… threading that damn needle!

Even someone with best vision in the world will struggle to get the frayed piece of string through the teeny tiny eye of a needle. My grandma used to try all sorts of tricks to make it work, including licking the string before hand so it sticks together, twisting the string before threading and at one stage using a giant magnifying glass to help.

But this little trick is so genius it might just work! If you are passionate about having painted nails then this will be music to your ears because all you need is some clear nail polish. If you aren’t then duck down to the pharmacy or local discount store and purchase the cheapest one you can find, if it has to be coloured that’s okay.

Next time you are trying to thread your needle, paint a little bit of nail polish on the tip of your string and let it sit for a minute to dry. This will make sure all the fibres stick together and your string will be a solid piece. Making it easier to move and thread through that little needle. When you thread it through successfully, just take some scissors and snip that top bit off before you get started. Or you can leave it on if you want I can’t see it being too much trouble.

Do you have any sewing tips to share? Will you try this?

    • My sight isn’t very good now so I’m looking forward to this hint working for me, sometimes I cant even use a needle threader. Cathybat

  1. sounds ok, but not if you’re doing a fair bit of hand sewing, you would have to wait for the polish to dry each time before threading otherwise it would mess up the eye of the needle, think I’ll just wet the tip of the thread as usual and there’s always the handy little needle threader that has been around for ever.

  2. a good pair of sharp scissors leaves a smooth surface and easy to thread, l find if l have a white piece of paper on the table or surface im at placing the needle over the top allows you to see the hole a lot easier for threading and lm nearly blind. or if all else fails get one of your kids to thread the dam thing 🙂

  3. Norah Fraser  

    For gooness sake you guys….It was only a suggestion……stop criticising everything!!!!!

    • Roana D  

      Its a great idea -thanks easy peasy

    • Susanne  

      Absolutely right Norah. Why do people get so much joy from criticising others. There is always something new to learn, and it’s nice people are offering their skills, even if you never use them yourself, somebody will always gain from knowledge shared.

  4. Just hold a small piece of white or coloured paper behind the eye of the needle easier to see the eye of the needle

  5. Chris Terry  

    I have the most trouble threading the sewing machine needle. Even the automatic needle threader can be a pain to use sometimes. Some thread is more fuzzy than others.

    • Denise Ryan  

      I use a little spray of hairspray on the end of the cotton. It stiffens it enough to go through the needle easily. Great for threading sewing machine and over locker

  6. Pam  

    Have always threaded needles the way my Mum showed me. Bend cotton in half, hold between thumb and finger, holding needle in other hand, place needle eye over cotton. Works every time!…

  7. Aileen  

    Good idea, but I also find if the needle hole is big enough I fold the thread over to a small loop & it goes in easily.

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