How to cool down a hot car in under a minute

Blasting the air con or winding down all the windows can help cool down the car, but sometimes not fast

Blasting the air con or winding down all the windows can help cool down the car, but sometimes not fast enough.

When a car is parked in the sun with doors and windows closed, it can get as hot as an oven in there, causing sweaty seats and burned fingers.

Here’s a tried and tested tip that we wish we knew earlier!

First roll down one of the windows all the way, then walk to the other side of the car and open and close the door five to ten times. This creates a circulating air flow that forces the trapped hot air out of the vehicle and can actually drop the inside temperature as much as 10Β degrees.

That’s it! Give it a try today.

  1. Yeah.
    Can just see me standing in a main street or a shopping centre car park opening and closing the door 10 times…….

  2. Might work, but if i opened and shut the car that many times, someone in a white coat would take me away

  3. How about coming up with a way to protect kids and pets left in hot cars by people that I can’t find words to describe! Or rather words that I wouldnt be able to use in a public forum!

    • I saw it today a small dog left in the car, the tree it was parked under was no longer casting shade on the car. The window was down a little way. I’ve heard of solar powered fans that you can place in your car window and they circulate air. The window is wound down and the fan system sits on top of the window and the window is wound upwards locking the system in place. I can’t imagine it would work in extreme heat.

    • I too can’t find words to describe these people as there is no way to keep a parked car cool. It should,by happen full stop ! . But that is not what this blog is about ! .

    • Anne-Marie Ryan When you return to the car after it has been parked on a hot day……..
      And there is a way of protecting kids and pets, as you describe. It’s called, a hammer. πŸ™‚
      Alternatively, call police.

  4. My aircon is freezing. I feel like putting a jumper on at times. Opening and closing doors..don’t think so!

    • Try turning the heater on a little. The aircon works a treat in the winter with the heater on, it dries the air and de mists the windows really quick

    • You must have a very good air conditioner. Either turn the fan down, or turn it off, after the car interior becomes comfortable.

    • Dennis Hewitt. Yes it’s a 50th anniversary XR6. On hot days, I initially set it at 18deg then after a minute set it to 24. Its just that first moment when you hop in and the ac is a blast of ice.

  5. No, opening the door draws air in closing it pushes air out, rapid action will only move the same air backwards and forwards, just open all the windows for a couple of minutes while the aircon starts to provide cool air.

  6. I just leave the driver’s window down for the first kilometre or so. (and put bubble wrap on the seat and steering wheel).

    • I could assume you were really very stupid and needed to have it explained to you, but I will credit you with a ‘sense of humour’ which (and you might like to think about this) relies on attempting to embarrass others.

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