Life hack: The world-famous baby calming trick

Need to calm a screaming baby instantly? This baby calming trick has gone viral in the past week… and parents

Need to calm a screaming baby instantly? This baby calming trick has gone viral in the past week… and parents are swearing by it.

According to Dr Robert Hamilton of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, there is a no-fuss technique he says can calm most crying babies almost instantly.

He calls it ‘The Hold’ and parents are praising the simple method because it really works.

The Hold is demonstrated in the video below but if you can’t see it, this is how to do it:

First, fold the baby’s arms across the chest. Secure the arms and hold the chin with one hand, while using your dominant hand to hold the baby’s bottom.

Next, gently rock the baby at a 45-degree angle to calm them down.

“Everything you do is very gentle,” Hamilton explains in the video. “You don’t want to do jerky motions”.

This technique only works on babies between two and three months, because they will become too heavy otherwise. If your baby doesn’t calm down, it could be because the little one is hungry or sick.

Take a look at The Hold in action and tell us your thoughts below:

  1. gorgeous little babies but am not sure how good that would be after you just fed them, you might wear the meal all over you

  2. It’s not new, my mum showed me this and it has flowed down to my children using it on their children. Saying this, my wife was also shown by her mother so both of us knew about it. If parents don’t know about it then something was lost in training along the way.

  3. It can take a while to stop a baby crying I found that OK, it’s the putting them back to bed can be the problem, the want to stay with Mum.

  4. I can’t believe people think this is news. I knew to do this years ago. Quite simple really, you put baby into position you adopt yourself when you have colicy pain or whatever.

  5. Old trick, just like the best aid for teething being a non sharp bone like a rib bone freshly cooked of course.

  6. People say this is old technique are right but this is not aimed at you, this aimed at young mothers who for many reasons were not taught. Perhaps their mother is still working or perhaps their mum has died

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