Life hack: The best way to reheat pizza

It would be a rare person who doesn’t enjoy the occasional slice of pizza. Of course, we all know that it’s probably not the best thing for our health to eat it all the time, but as they say, everything in moderation. 

One of the greatest things about pizza is the leftovers! There’s nothing quite like knowing there’s a meal left waiting for you in the fridge the next day. 

However, it’s often disappointing reheated, as the crust goes soggy and chewy, and it just isn’t the same as when it arrived, fresh in its box. 

Luckily, a pizzeria in the US has the answer! Roberta’s Pizza tweeted a drawing showing the best way to reheat a pizza so it tastes like it is freshly made. And there’s no microwaving involved!

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That’s right, in order to reheat a slice, you’ll need a frying pan with a lid. Cook the pizza for two minutes, or until the bottom is crispy, then add two drops of water to the pan, away from the pizza. Put the lid on and leave to steam on low for one minute, and there you have it! Melting cheese, with a crispy bottom – just like it was the first time around!

What is your favourite way to have pizza?