Life hack: How to feed your pet without bending over

Have you got a special cat or dog who you adore? Sometimes it can be a real struggle to bend

Have you got a special cat or dog who you adore? Sometimes it can be a real struggle to bend over and pick up, fill and then place back down. This tip could be the solution you’re looking for!

You will need someone with a circular saw to make the holes in the table for you. The PVC should go through those holes and then you simply need to place a basket over the top to disguise it.

You can even paint the PVC to match your tablet – a much more inconspicuous feeding station!


Do you have any tips for easy ways to feed your pets?

  1. I have a friend who had a little table made that had an edge around it so the bowls didn’t get pushed off, problem solved as she was able to reach them when she bent down and the dog was happy too.

  2. Good for us to bend as long as not lightheaded.
    Use long handled pick up prongs for delivery to the floor and pick up bowl to wash.

  3. PVC pipes would require dismantling and bowls picked up for cleaning so this would actually create more bending a simpler solution would be to reduce the legs by half and cut the holes so that the dishes sit nicely in them (the rims stop them from falling through) No need to hide or disguise holes. Animals can still reach food, owner has less distance to reach for filling/cleaning food bowls, woman’s logic superior to male’s design!!!

  4. I guess you’re supposed to pour the food down the “pipes” (for want of a better word). What happens if I want to give her wet food??

  5. And sometimes it’s hard for elderly dogs to bend down to eat. Win, win. Best not to feed tall dogs on the ground, no matter what age.

  6. Why hide the fact that we’re not as flexible as we once were with the basket, age is a badge we should wear with pride.

  7. I can understand food put up higher for animals to eat, but this idea is quite stupid. Doesn’t anyone clean their animal bowls???

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