Life hack: A clever way to de-pill your clothes

Have you noticed that some of your clothes have a tendency to “pill” or shed all over? Well we’ve found

Have you noticed that some of your clothes have a tendency to “pill” or shed all over? Well we’ve found a trick that will help leave our clothes looking brand new. Plus, you probably have a few extra of this tool lying around the house so the solution is absolutely free!

Next time you notice your clothing pill, you can simply clean the fuzz off with a disposable razor.

1. Spread the fabric across a flat surface (something firm is best)

2. Pull the fabric taut and then carefully shave the pilling away from the fabric. It is important to carefully use the razor around seams, stitches and buttons because it could rip the fabric.


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Tell us, will you try this trick? Has this worked for you before?

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  1. I’ve been using that trick for years…but some synthetic fabrics these are crap and would end up catching more threads than actually removing the pilling……..I don’t buy those fabrics….got caught once……

  2. Nothing new about that, need to be careful though. Better off not to buy that type of fabric. Works well on woollen and track suit material though!

  3. Loretta  

    Srub buds ( stainless steel ones used for pots and pans) work for me.😊

  4. I was doing that long before I had kids, however you can put little holes in your clothes if not careful. You could also buy a clothes shaver such as this although I have had this one about 15 years.

    • Christine I got that one at Myer many years ago, yes it is great because of the size of the head and it collects the fluff in the front canister. Most I have seen are much smaller.

    • They’re great.I’ve got one as big as a small iron and a little mini one,from Linmaid?..i think its called.Use them all the time,depending on garment size.

  5. I use a disposable razor, very csrefully, it works 99 % Too bad it’s too warm for my sweaters here…

  6. I think I have done this most of my adult life!!!
    But there are ‘lint shavers’ available nowadays

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