Liberal Ministers sound off on Cory Bernardi's 'betrayal'

After former Liberal minister Cory Bernardi’s resignation from the party and move across the bench, there was bound to be some comments made from those in the party.

This morning in a radio interview on the ABC, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton called Bernardi’s move a “betrayal”.  He said, “It is a betrayal when someone leaves… People will be angry, and they will be disappointed”.  He added, “I think people will be angry about any defection, angry about the betrayal of the Liberal Party values.”

Defence Minister Christopher Pyne took to the social media site Twitter to express his displeasure over the situation.  Mr Pyne tweeting, “Cory Bernardi was elected as a Liberal. The honourable course is for him to resign his seat and for him to recontest it as an independent.”

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Mr Pyne also tweeted, “The Liberal Party’s values are not limited to conservatism. We are Liberals because we are open to new ideas; tolerant of difference modern and forward looking; we believe in reward for effort and sharing Australia’s good fortune with those in need”.

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The Defence Minister concluded his thoughts on the topic by tweeting, “Those most hurt by Cory Bernardi are the hundreds of thousands of SA voters who voted Liberal in the Senate only to be let down by him.”

Mr Bernardi has left the Liberal’s to form his own conservative party the Australian Conservatives.

Do you agree with the comments of Mr Pyne and Mr Dutton?  Do you think what Mr Bernardi did was the best decision?  What do you think of the Australian Political landscape at the moment?  Let us know in the comments below.