Less cleaning time, more play time: 5 clever tips for dog owners

Being the parent of a fur baby can give you the feeling of unconditional love and companionship, however it does

Being the parent of a fur baby can give you the feeling of unconditional love and companionship, however it does not always come easily. Just like humans, dogs require a lot tender loving care (especially in the grooming department).

Here are 5 life hacks we found to make looking after your fur baby easier.

  1. DIY dog toothbrush

It’s not pleasant but as all dog owners know, their breath can really smell! So here is a quick fix: take a piece of gauze and wrap it around your finger. Make a paste of baking soda and water and brush those pearly whites until they are good as new.

  1. Get rid of static electricity in your pups coat during a thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are usually a nightmare for dog owners, not only do they terrify your pup but they can also leave static build up in their coat. One easy trick to fix this is to take a dryer sheet and rub it over your dogs coat to remove the static. It is important to also follow this up with lots of cuddles and kisses to keep them calm!

  1. Heal an upset stomach with chicken and rice

If your pup is feeling under the weather a diet of chicken and rice can help easy their symptoms. Chicken and rice is bland enough to not upset their tummy further but also enough to sustains them with the protein and energy they need. If he or she doesn’t seem to be improving a quick call to your vet is a good idea.

  1. Stop your pup from eating too quickly by putting a ball in their food bowl

If you have a dog that sometimes eats like a pig the quickest way to slow them down is to put a ball in their food bowl. They will have to move and eat around the ball, which will slow them down.

  1. Make your own doggy shampoo

Making your own shampoo is easy and is a great way to make sure no harmful chemicals are used. Mix one cup of dish soap, one cup of vinegar and 950mL of warm water and you have a great DIY puppy shampoo. Add this to an old empty bottle and use it when needed.

Finally, the easiest way to have a happy and healthy fur baby is to give a dose of TLC every day!

Do you have any DIY ideas or special tricks to taking care of your fur baby?

  1. Not sure about the “dish soap”. As a groomer I see SO many dogs with skin conditions and I would think that would strip all the oils out of the coat and the moisture from the skin. Please people, use proper dog shampoo.

  2. Dogs do not need excessive bathing. Soap washes oils off skin and irritates. When my maltese gets dirty, I fill my laundry tub with warm water and just rinse him without soap.

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