Kids’ brutal honesty about Tony Abbott is hilarious

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has kicked off his annual charity ride, the Pollie Pedal, again joining a group of

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has kicked off his annual charity ride, the Pollie Pedal, again joining a group of politicians on an eight-day bike ride to benefit Carers Australia.

This morning, Tony stopped by the Caragabal Public School, just outside of West Wyalong, to give students a special copy of his 2009 book ‘Battlelines’.

The former PM sat down with the kids for a quick chat and a photo and proudly handed over the book to the young school captains.

While the “Battlelines’ received mainly favourable reviews from critics when it was released, it seems that unfortunately for Mr Abbott, the kids are not as easily impressed!

Photographs taken just after the book was handed over show the children looking decidedly bored with the whole thing while Mr Abbott sits in the middle of them grinning like a cheshire cat.

The face of a less-than-impressed child.

Yep, this kid would rather be back in the classroom learning than out here with that book.

This little girl’s says it all.

Tony looks like he’s having a ball though!

After the outdoor photos Mr Abbott and the kids headed back inside where the school captains confessed that they reckon the book “will probably be pretty boring”.

In true Tony Abbott form though, he didn’t let the comments or reactions get to him and jumped back on the bike to head off to his next stop.

This year Mr Abbott is joined by fellow MPs Josh Frydenberg, Christian Porter and Angus Taylor.

The charity ride will conclude on the 11 April.

If you want to donate to the cause, you can do so here.

Hopefully he has more success with raising money than he does with impressing the kids!

Did these photos give you a laugh? Are you a fan of Tony Abbott?

  1. Sue Wade  

    Too funny well played Caragabal

  2. The Watcher  

    I woinder how much he is claiming in expenses….

  3. Lauris Drummond  

    Yes I am a Tony fan, you are being rude, of course the kids being so young couldn’t care less. It’s just kids being kids.

    • lurch  

      I think the commentator was just there doing his job, the kids know enough to know that the book and author meant sweet FA to them. It was all about big ears getting his face in the press again, nothing about school or education.

  4. Sue Thurn  

    Surely anyone would realise with today’s marketing, this is not a child’s book. Tony is a good man and was a great PM. He was cheerful and smiling with the kids!
    Look at the dreadful alternatives with have now, could not vote for any of them!

  5. Pamela  

    A book on political history presented to school captains by a former PM of Australia!

    A little respect from the kids would not go astray!

    Kids are raised appallingly these days!

    • HS  

      Kids are raised appallingly these days! and when they become adults they get in to politics, become Prime Ministers who get deposed!

    • H  

      Are you serious?!?! The kids were not rude!!! Just told the truth….shouldn’t we raise our kids to be homest. I was there, you weren’t….they were not disrespectful! Wake up to yourselves….if anything your beloved ex PM was the rude one who made disrespectful remarks about where we live! We work hard and raise great kids!

  6. Judy  

    Terrible reporting. Trying to make Mr Abbot look stupid and only ended up insulting the students! Shame on you

  7. Russell Boucher  

    Of course none of this information would have anything to do with what they hear at home they are so into politics they would have sat around the school yard and discussed Australian politic’s & Mr Abbott on numerous occasion’s, Maybe the teacher’s had a little in put.

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