KFC’s new menu item causes confusion and rage

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, as it used to be known, is famous the world over for its secret-ingredient chicken,

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, as it used to be known, is famous the world over for its secret-ingredient chicken, however its latest menu incarnation could undo their reputation, especially because it contains another animal product.

The ‘Kentucky Pulled Pork Burger’ contains shredded pork on a brioche bun, BBQ sauce and coleslaw. On the KFC Australia Facebook page where the new menu item was announced, customers were quick to point out the irony of the burger, with some even saying they wouldn’t return.

“Feast your eyes on our brand new Kentucky Pulled Pork Burger, with juicy slow-cooked pulled pork, fresh shredded slaw, topped off with the Colonel’s BBQ sauce and served in a brioche bun… Mmm…..” said the caption.

One commenter said, “Why are you not just staying with chicken, a company your size is just going to put a smaller business out of business… I wont be buying…”, to which the fast food chain responded, “The Kentucky Pulled Pork Burger is only around for 4 weeks so we’ll still continue to serve up the delicious fried chicken you know and love, we just wanted to give you more options!”

Others said, “Hold the phone!! Where’s the chicken? KFC, are you a closet hipster?”, “KFC more like KFP!” and “You realise what the C in your name stands for? Stick to what you do best”.

But some were in support of the different menu item, “The more pork out right now the better. Well done! I had one today, was great”.

Is this a case of don’t fix what’s not broke, or keep it fresh? Tell us your thoughts below.

  1. Warwick  

    Very well done. In the face of those that go halal certified and remove bacon from kfc menu. Great decision kfc.

  2. Colin Fuller  

    What on earth is wrong with people complaining over a burger? Get over yourselves, it’s just food. People are being massacred and your biggest problem is KFC are selling pork? At least you know it’s not halal.

  3. Well done kfc for not going that rediculous,pathetic halal rubbish,stuff em,just like the rest of us..if we don’t like something well we just ask for it to be left out of our burger…easy.

  4. Wayne Watkins  

    About time they kept pace with Maccas and had some gluten free options . Really miss KFC , since being diagnosed coeliac

  5. Pauline Miles  

    They should be able to sell what they like .I can’t see a problem with this

  6. If they have pork on the premises – or staff who have handled pork – prevent Muslims and Jews buying chicken from KFC?

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