Just when you think ‘being PC’ has gone too far…it goes further!

The idea to try not to offend people is a noble one, but when is it enough? There seems to

The idea to try not to offend people is a noble one, but when is it enough? There seems to be new terms and phrases that offend a vocal minority but causes a significant change in the way we communicate.

Has it finally gone too far?

Princeton University is one of the most famous universities in the world. It has become a major focal point for the PC debate as new policy wants to remove “man” from almost all forms of communication. Under their new policy, Princeton has made some extreme changes to the vocabulary to “help” promote diversity.

While some of the changes are understandable, such as there is no need for the word “actress” as anyone in that chosen profession is simply an “actor”, and a “cameraman” should be a “camera operator”. Many eyebrows started to raise when the term “freshman” which has been used to describe new students has been changed to “first-year students” and the word “man” isn’t to be used at all. Instead of “man” employees are told to use the terms “human beings”, “individuals”, or simply “people”.

According to a statement released from Princeton, “HR has developed these gender inclusive style guidelines to be utilised by all HR staff members in HR communications, policies, job descriptions and job postings,” the memo from human resources reads.

“These communication guidelines reflect the inclusive culture and policies at Princeton University.”

These changes are not only effecting the staff of the university but also the students as students can now get in trouble for referring to fellow students as “he, she, her, or him” instead needing to refer to them in the plural “them, or they”

A New York-based lawyer told news.com.au “At this point, it’s practically a religion for some people.” He continues “But I certainly think it makes a big difference because administrators and people at the highest level are afraid that if they don’t do it, they will be targeted by one of these groups. They’ll become a pariah on campus, so I think it really does have an effect.”

What do you think of the changes? Do you think they are a good thing? Or is PC getting out of hand?

  1. Myrna Burman  

    Too much PC. How does one answer the question “Where did xxx go?” What are you supposed to say in reply instead of “He/She went to ….”? You can’t say “Them/they ….” as that is plural. Are you supposed to say all the time “XXX went to …”?

  2. Greg Hills  

    These changes are just utterly ridiculous. They are grammatically incorrect for a start. Then, they are also not descriptive enough for an explanation as to what someone means.
    Surely, no one is so precious as to be offended by being called him, her, man or woman. Regardless of their sexual preference, we all have a gender, either one of two -male or female.
    It is then irrelevant to this status that after that they may be heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.
    For a university, and one of the world’s leading ones this decision just shows very little intelligence on behalf of the decision makers. They have failed miserably as administrators.

  3. patricia dick  

    here we go again!! Ridiculous and we pay these people to come up with these ideas??

  4. Bill  

    What is Political Correctness?? It is Bulltish being pushed by the inept few with the intent to create chaos in today’s world. Using the word “black” is not an insult it is an accurate description of colour; the use of woman or man again is an accurate description of gender; …. only an idiot could think or believe otherwise.
    I refuse to accept that I cannot use accurately descriptive words in my speech and or writings.
    It’s a damn shame that these clowns cannot find something within the myriad of problems facing our world to correct.

  5. Annette McKean  

    I will be 64 in a few days and thankfully I’m only going to have around another 20 to 30 years left to put up with all this PC BS!!!!!!

  6. Lorraine Walker  

    For supposed intellectuals this is incredibly stupid!

  7. Col Smith  

    Princeton will have to become “monach’s childton”

  8. Michael Cousins  

    So our species will become for the male gender, “Human”, and for the female gender, ” Huwoman “. Have I got that right? Or am I missing something?

  9. Michael Cousins  

    Further to my previous comment,perhaps ” Huperson ” Is now the correct terminology!

  10. Peter  

    Intellectuals are proving that they totally lack real intelligence. As far as I’m concerned if you are a male or a female I will address you as such and no one is going to stop me.IDIOTS.

    • Princeton … hmmm, Prince refers exclusively to males – I’m offended, you should change your name, maybe to ‘Prince-or-Princesston University?’ Next-in-line-to-the-crownton University’??? Grow some you gutless, spineless academics

    • Julie  

      Oh man….err I mean oh woman….oh person? Can someone please help me choose whether to be me or them

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