Is this what 74% of Aussie supermarket shoppers REALLY want?

It seems Australian shoppers have spoken… and they want something particular when it comes to their grocery shopping. Right now

It seems Australian shoppers have spoken… and they want something particular when it comes to their grocery shopping. Right now in Australia we have supermarkets such as Coles, Woolworths, ALDI and IGA, however shoppers believe there’s room for improvement… and another store.

Canstar Blue research shows that Australians love ALDI so much that they would embrace a new, similar retailer.

ALDI is expected to open as many as 80 new supermarkets in the next 12 months, including its first stores in South and Western Australia, however a competitor could see prices come down even more.

Speculation was rife earlier this year about another German discount chain, Lidl, entering the game however it’s still unclear if or when.

The survey of 3,000 adults found that 85 per cent agreed with the statement: “I believe the presence of ALDI is good for Australian consumers”. And 74 per cent said they would like to see another supermarket chain like ALDI open in Australia.

In addition, 59 per cent of respondents agreed that they would shop at a discount supermarket store if one opened near to where they live.

“Consumers have had a taste for cutting grocery costs and now they’re hungry for more,” said Head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle. “ALDI has completely changed the supermarket landscape and for many people there will be no going back.

“Even those who don’t shop at ALDI can benefit from its presence because of the way other supermarkets are reacting to the challenge. It’s helping to make us all a bit more price-conscious when we get to the checkout.

“ALDI’s success in Australia won’t have gone unnoticed by Lidl, so it seems almost inevitable that it will also set up shop here in the not too distant future. It would be crazy not to”.


Tell us, do you want another discount supermarket? What would improve your grocery bill spend every week?


  1. The more competition Coles and Woolworth have, the better it will be for us, they will have to discount and slash prices to keep their customers

  2. Aldi’s aren’t cheaper with everything, groceries yes, others products, not always.

  3. I’m a South Aussie and I like Foodland, they stock a better range of local brands. If you need a specific type of food like Lactose free yoghurt they will get it for you. A much more personal service and the bigger Foodlands are certainly competitive on price.

  4. Do I want another discount supermarket? No.

    What would improve my grocery bill spend every week? Me eating less. 😉

  5. The best part is If I want a product I don’t have to decide on 40 different types of the same product and Aldi don’t keep moving their stock every time you go in. I prefer to buy what I need then browse

  6. I’d like to see the old brands back. I’ve switched to Aldi, just top up in Coles . Tried to buy good old lollies at Coles over Christmas but who wants salted caramel bananas….just so we buy their home brands. Biscuit varieties have shrunk, Aldi has just as much variety these days.

  7. I would rather have a supermarket that sticks only australian produce and groceries. unfortunately it would only be a very small shop! !

    • I was super surprised the other day when I checked the products at Aldi. Whole shelves had the Aussie made emblem on them

    • But Aldi profits don’t stay in Australia. So ….an Australian supermarket selling Aust.groceries.

    • So what Leonie, they pay tax on their profits before the balance goes back to Germany. A bit different to Reinhart, who may be Australian but not only pays no tax, she gets our tax dollars given to her. Reflect on this for a minute

  8. I shop at IGA it’s local and stocks a huge variety of products. But I will add that I do most of my shopping at markets and organic stores. Keeping the money local

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