Is this the shake-up Australian seniors need?

The thought of having to one day go into an aged care facility can be enough to send shivers down

The thought of having to one day go into an aged care facility can be enough to send shivers down your spine. While many aged care homes strive to create a community atmosphere and a happy home for residents, the reality is not always as sunny as they hoped for. The facilities tend to be sterile looking; feeling clinical and cold and not exactly the kind of place you’d like to call ‘home sweet home’. To top it off, rates of depression among people living in aged care facilities are believed to be much higher than those who live at home – around 35 per cent. Many of us have seen it with our parents and it’s the last thing we’d want to happen to us one day.

A new initiative is planning to change all this however, with a bold new plan aimed at combatting loneliness in elderly people and providing them with a lively and social community. A team of architects in London are working on a plan to create homes for seniors in buzzing communities where they’ll share space with their neighbours, school children, and locals.

It seems like common sense – and something that should have been done a long time ago – but this type of environment for seniors will be the first of its kind. Maintaining an active social life and connecting with others is one of the best ways to combat loneliness, and it’s one of the best gifts we could give to the older generation. Plus, residencies like this will pave the way for our own future so that our generation and the next won’t be stuck in a facility we’re not happy with.

In an ironic twist, the new facility will be built on the same site as a former care home, which will be demolished to make way for the new residency. With these kinds of radical changes in aged care happening in London, many Australian seniors are hoping it’s only a matter of time before we start to see these kinds of homes popping up around Australia, too.

What do you think about the current state of aged care in Australia? Would you be happy to live in an aged care facility if it was like this one?


  1. I have worked in age care for about 8 years approximately 24 years ago, and I have recently helped my neighbour find a home for her husband and while the residents appear to be happy enough. They don’t appear to have advanced much at all unfortunately, while the staff do as much as they can to make everyone happy and comfortable. There’re not a place I’d wish to go in my final years, therefore I hope that this may improve things to the benefit of anyone who has to live in one.

  2. This is a great idea, many older people are quite lonely. I used to help people in their own homes, they very much need the social interaction as they would not see many other people beside me

    • I think people would be shocked by the results if there was a survey on how many lonely aged people there are that are living outside residential care

  3. Great idea, things to need to change and for the better, I would not like to live in one of these places at the moment, my husband does and even though it is good there could be a lot of improvements

  4. What do I think about the current state of aged care in Australia? Still too “Victorian”. At least we should get into the 20th centuary.

    Would I be happy to live in an aged care facility if it was like this one? No B|

  5. Yes to mingle with local community and to be unrestricted in our outings is a fantastic will also stop abusive behaviour within aged care homes.trouble is by the time you pay the fees there wont be money left fir little trips and outongs

    • The dementia patients can be aggressive so not good for mixing and they wander into other rooms and take things and require much distraction by staff so many people won’t fit the criteria for mixed community.
      Once someone is bed ridden they also need full time care.

  6. The aged care needs a good shake up! These home’s are supposed to be a continuation of home life. Carers are too busy to “care”. Because of budgets there is not enough time for the things that matter to residents.

  7. The problem I think is the segregation of our society, we put all old people together, away from the rest of society. I heard of a place where an age care facility was combined with a child care facility, and both young and old did benefit from the interaction.

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