Is it a snag or a sausage sizzle? The different words Aussies use for everyday things

A new study has shown just how different Aussie words are for everyday things depending on where you live. You

A new study has shown just how different Aussie words are for everyday things depending on where you live. You could go half way ’round Australia and it’s almost like a different country – the words are that strange to our ears.

As part of the Linguistics Roadshow, a short survey was put together on some Australian English vocabulary. Regular Aussies were invited to fill it in and select which words they prefer for particular things, like potato cakes/scallops/fritters.

Now, the responses have been crafted into individual maps so that we visualise the interesting differences depending on where people come from.

It’s no surprise that Sydneysiders call swimming costumes ‘cossies’ compared to Queenslanders who much prefer ‘togs’. But what may surprise you is the disparity between what a sausage on bread is called – surely a sausage sizzle!?

What do you call a battered, deep-fried potato snack?

This one was a bit contentious, with 45.7% of respondents saying they call it a potato cake, and 35.2% said potato scallop – other responses were fritter and scallop


What general term do you use to refer to swimwear?

Surprisingly, bathers was the most popular response with 46.8% of respondents, followed by swimmers with 25.2%.


What do you call the object that you might drink water from in a park or school?

Again, there was a clear winner with 46.6% saying bubbler is the correct term, followed by drinking foundation (24.5%).


What do you call a barbecued sausage, served in a single slice of bread?

Sausage sizzle was nowhere to be seen! Sausage in bred came just ahead sausage sandwich. Hmm….


Does the word ‘dance’ rhyme with ‘pants’, or ‘aunts’?

Most Aussies would know the correct answer to this: pant! 84.9% agree…


What do you call the small local shop that sells newspapers, lollies, drinks and basic groceries?

Apparently milk bars are more popular than the corner shop, with 40% saying the former.


You can see the other responses here, and if you have not already filled out the survey, you can have your say here.


Tell us, what do you call these everyday things?