I’m not retiring into a rocking chair

I recently read a study that found baby boomers, like myself, are changing the norms for the post work years

I recently read a study that found baby boomers, like myself, are changing the norms for the post work years just as we changed the norms in areas such as housing, education and employment expectations. Apparently, we are creating a ‘leisure boom’ as we head into retirement.

It’s refreshing to know this. As I head towards retirement I feel healthier and I am almost as active as I was in my younger years. Because I finally have the time to do the things I am passionate about, including spending time with my grandchildren, I feel as though I have an opportunity to reinvent myself.

In my youth I was heavily involved in sports, participating in activities such as swimming, athletics, softball, and football. My husband and I enjoyed these activities together, travelled together as representatives and introduced our children to several disciplines as they were growing up. But sport was not the only thing to define me. I enjoyed being a mother, a classroom teacher (it’s been challenging to see how the profession has evolved and I can’t say it is for the better of our children), and am a keen seamstress.

My husband has been semi-retired for several years now, and he’s never been busier. He rediscovered his passion for building and gets to indulge in his love of fishing.

As I scale back from full-time employment, I too have discovered a love of language and dance; I have rediscovered my love of sewing and although I have early symptoms of arthritis that sometimes make it difficult, I am delighted when my daughters present me with a piece of fabric from which I can create something I will wear.

The state of the world at the moment has wiped some of the sheen off my desire to travel, and although there are many countries I would like to visit I’m too frightened to venture too far overseas. However, I have developed wonderful friendships and solid memories from the early travels my husband and I have. That said, we are in love with Australia and exploring all it has to offer.

Just because ‘retirement’ has the word ‘tire’ within it does not mean I am tired. I’ looking forward to being time affluent and using that time to my own discretion.

I’m certainly not retiring to a rocking chair.

Can you relate to this reader? What’s your outlook on retirement?

  1. Saying you won’t spend your retirement in a rocking chair is great. What do you do instead? Most retirees focus almost exclusively on their finances and pay very little attention to what their life will be like. Somehow, it will all just work itself out. Well, it ain’t necessarily so! BOOMERangs Circle Back to your dreams, is non-financial retirement coaching that enables you to be as intentional about your retirement life as you are with your finances.

    A study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College reveals something we’ve known intuitively for a long time. People (of all ages) who have a direction or intention or purpose life longer, more satisfying lives. We like to quote the poet, TS Eliot, “Its never too late to be what you might have been!”

  2. Angie B  

    We are both retired although with a farm, it is not complete retirement! Husband is always busy fixing things and helping other people to fix things.
    I volunteer in our community, and have joined a craft group. We make greetings cards for our troops serving overseas, and also knit blankets for our local women and children’s refuge.
    We are renovating our old house, and the garden always needs attention.
    When not on duty for the grandchildren, we hook up the caravan and go somewhere nice for the weekend, all the while planning a longer trip away.
    I have taken up the study of Italian, hoping to go back there for a longer holiday at some stage, before I become too decrepit.
    Meanwhile, the cattle and our family of rescue dogs and cats keep us out of mischief. Life is full and fun!

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