How to protect and soothe your hands this winter

Winter is beautiful in so many ways but the effects the colder weather can have on our skin is less than pretty. From scaly legs, to chapped lips, and dried out hands, the winter months can be truly challenging to our sun-kissed skin which probably prospered during the Summer.

During winter, the dry air and cold strips away the natural layer of protective oil which would normally help contain moisture and hydration in the body, especially within the hands.

Not only is the cold a major contributor to dry hands, but people tend to wash their hands frequently to avoid spreading germs in winter. This also draws moisture out of the hands, often causing dehydrated, cracked, peeling and bleeding hands.

The best way to protect your hands against these harsh conditions is by taking care of them before the damage occurs. Here are four simple ways to prevent ‘winter hands’ from developing in the first place.

1. Choose a mild soap to wash your hands

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Avoiding soap altogether is somewhat impossible, but using harsh soaps strips the skin of its natural oils. You should opt for a mild soap, without an alcohol base so you keep the moisture in your hands. When you wash your hands with the mild soap, make sure you use warm not hot water, and you pat your hands dry.

2. Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise!

Dry skin is more likely to crack, peel or bleed than skin that’s well hydrated. One of the best ways to protect your hands from dryness this winter is to moisturise them at least twice a day. It only takes a couple of seconds, but it will have a massive impact on the health of your hands.

You can use an intensive strength cream that is designed to keep winter hands in top condition. DU’IT Tough Hands cream is more than just a beauty cream. The intensive hand cream fixes dry, rough, irritated hands within five days as it helps repair, moisturise and create a protective shield for your hands making it ideal for winter!

3. Wear gloves

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Wearing gloves or mittens this winter when you are outdoors could make a massive difference to your dry hands. By wearing gloves or mittens, you are protecting your hands from weather and making sure the natural oils are staying within the hands. If your hands do get wet, make sure you dry them gently and apply moisturiser immediately.

4. Avoid really hot showers

We are tempted to jump in a hot shower or run our hands under the hot tap when we are cold in winter but this is exactly what you shouldn’t do! Using hot water instantly draws the moisture out of the hands, making them dehydrated, dry, wrinkly and cracked. You should always test the water before you shower or wash your hands, making sure it is sitting at a mild temperature, and as soon as you dry off, you should instantly moisturise to trap the moisture in your hands.

These winter hand care tips come courtesy of DU’IT.

Do you have any other tips you swear by for preventing dry hands in the colder months?