How is your texting etiquette?

Sometimes it can be easy to forget to be patient when texting someone. It is such an instantaneous mode of communication that if someone doesn’t return the text quickly, it can be misconstrued as rude or aggressive.

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While most of the internet still can feel like the lawless wild west, sometimes there should be an almost Elizabethan etiquette to texting that can make sure that your text messaged are received happily instead of given the “oh THIS person”.

Don’t text in the middle of the night
Unless you are responding to a text, and what is THAT person doing texting you in the middle of the night, it is considered bad form. You wouldn’t want a call that isn’t an emergency in the middle of the night so why a “harmless” text. While it is up to the person you are texting to have their call sounds off, they may have forgotten, and if you don’t want a rude text back, it’s best not to send them at night.

Check your spelling and tone
It is simple to misconstrue tone in a text message so it’s best to make sure that your message is always the best way to write it. Using “please” and “thanks” just as you would in regular conversation is the best way to text. Also, by making sure that the person understands you by checking spelling, word usage and making sure that Autocorrect hasn’t changed your “love you” to “loath you.” It happens. It can end relationships.

Remember to end conversations
You would always say goodbye in person or on the phone so why not in a text? If you have a friend that doesn’t need a conversation ender, that’s fine, but for casual texting, it’s a great idea to sign off. A “thanks”, “cheers”, or “talk to you later” is a great way to let the other person know that there aren’t any more texts coming and that they are finished with the conversation.

Group texts!
While it might be easier for you a group text is the equivalent of sending thank you notes that just say “thank you”. It’s too generic, and the people that receive them might take it personally. It can send the message that you don’t value them individually and could sink your texts message before it has a chance.

What are some things that you dislike about texting? What are some “must-dos” when it comes to sending a text?