How can I make my new house feel like home again?

As I sit here on my laptop in my empty home, I can’t help but think of all the memories

As I sit here on my laptop in my empty home, I can’t help but think of all the memories I’ve had in this house. It’s been mine for so many years but now, I’ve had to downsize. It doesn’t truly hit you until you have all the boxes around you and all the memories stashed away…

My partner left recently and that was the instigator for my move. 20 years in one home is a big deal but I couldn’t bear the thought of stay when it’s so quiet, and so lonely. I needed something for me. But when I visit my new home to put boxes inside or check the mail, I feel nothing. I wonder if that’s nothing or I’m just overreacting? It can be really hard to move, I know that, but this time it feels like it’ll be hard to make my new house my home.

To me a home is somewhere that you have lived for a long time, and somewhere you feel safe and relaxed. When I go to the new place, it feels cold and clinical, and also daunting. How will I be able to make it feel like it used to?

Even more heartbreaking is letting people you’ve never met come and traipse into your home. The inspections have been really constant and upsetting, with couples discussing how they’ll knock down walls, or put a pool in the back yard. To me I’ll always own a piece of this house. I remember the feeling I had many years ago when my husband and I moved out of the home we raised our children in. We’d put our blood, sweat and tears into it and when we went into something a bit bigger, we felt remorse at leaving the little home behind. A few years later I went to check on it and saw a block of land staring back at me. I had to triple check the address – but that was it. It was all gone. Apparently the owners wanting to subdivide the block but the GFC hit and they couldn’t afford it. So very sad. I couldn’t believe my eyes and swore that we would never move again. But look at me now…

I hope with some new decor and furniture, I can make a new home with new memories. I’m trying my best to be positive.

Have you ever experienced this before? Did you have to make your new house a home?

  1. Glenda  

    Your house doesn’t know you, like you know your house!! Sad I know but true. Having moved after 33 years in the one house which we moved into the night we came back from our honeymoon, I thought I would be sad but because we took much of our loved furniture with us the new house felt like home nearly straight away. Don’t give everything away and start fresh as that makes everything seem unfamiliar, not just the house. Good luck with your move.

  2. Keep what is important to you, hang your favourite pictures on the wall. It will take some time, but eventually you will find you fit your smaller place and it becomes home. I sold my larger home with a reasonable sized section, and moved into a smaller unit (rented) with no grounds at all. I have put in several raised gardens for Veges, and grow stuff in pots too. One of the bedrooms had heinous curtains so got readymades from the Warehouse, and am looking at going through the op shops for curtains for the spare bedroom, and just maybe the lounge too. I did buy some new furniture as the lounge suite was too big, and past its best anyway. Pictures hung on wall as well. I am gradually growing into my smaller space.

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