Hate slow walkers at the shopping centre? You’ll love this new idea

Being stuck being a dawdler or a slow walker at a shopping centre is one of the biggest gripes of

Being stuck being a dawdler or a slow walker at a shopping centre is one of the biggest gripes of shoppers, but now a new idea could spell the end of the dreaded shuffle.

A shopping centre in Liverpool has created ‘fast lanes’ that combat slow walkers, just in time for the busy Christmas period.

Argos have installed the fast lane in their Liverpool store after conducting research that found¬†“dawdling pedestrians” were the biggest shopping issue, reports the ABC.

Central operations director at Argos, Andy Brown, said “We want to test consumer reaction to a dedicated pavement fast lane,” he said.

“We hope it alleviates some of the biggest shopping high street frustrations”.

Shoppers are currently testing the fast lanes out but it is not known yet whether it will be permanent.


Tell us, do you think fast lanes in shopping centres would make it a more enjoyable experience? 

  1. I have learnt over the years to be patient. So if I am behind a slow walker, when the opportunity arises I just go past them. No point in getting all hot and bothered.

    • I don’t mind slow walkers. Sometimes I meander along myself. I object, as many posters to this site do, to people who block aisles while having conversations.

    • If the slow walker has a problem I will assist them if they need it but the ones that just meander around with no reason and won’t get out of the way are the ones I don’t like Jackie.

  2. More than slow walkers , people stopping in aisles with full trolly’s to talk to others with full trolly’s annoy me, you can’t get past them, you have 3 options , ask politely for them to move and some take offense at that, go the long way around, or just barge through. Why can’t people either pull over to the side to talk or talk when they have finished their shopping..I am turning into a grumpy old woman

    • I’m possibly the one holding everyone up as I just can’t walk fast now since my surgery, however I do get out of the way for people to get past me.
      We need to remember there are many reasons why some people walk slower and perhaps a little bit of understanding and consideration would go along way.

      • Herma  

        I agree Trish. I too am a slow walker.,not by choice but fast walking is just beyond my ability.

    • slow walkers don’t worry me Trish, I understand people with a disability will walk slow, same as mothers with young children and elderly juggling their groceries, it is these people who deliberately block lanes to talk that annoys me

    • I agree lane blockers are really annoying. I don’t mind slow walkers at all. I might be one myself one day.

    • Slow walkers with a problem don’t worry me. Others do this. Mostly arrogant Isle blockers

    • Elizabeth Sanders Oh! Yes! That’s when I get rude and tell them to move their ass out of the way.

  3. If you keep to the road rules wherever, in shopping centres, footpaths, supermarkets, staircases, etc, the faster walkers can pass you easily. E.g in Australia, keep to the Left. USA or Europe keep to the right. It’s really only common curtesy to think of the next person.

    • You’r right about courtesy – sadly, in a lot of cases, it just doesn’t exist any more. Everyone is “all about me”

    • I am starting to think we in Australia changed to US road rules and no-one told me……lots of slow walkers coming at me and I’m on the left side

    • In the old days…..& I’m showing my age here, I can remember my grandmother giving me a flick under the ear for not walking down the left side of the footpath when walking around the city of Melbourne! It was considered bad manners to do otherwise! I have often wondered what happened………to the ‘footpath rules of good manners’! And I still keep left on the footpath much to consternation of oncoming ‘traffic’!

  4. Just commonsense and good manners would work if you are a slow walker and we will all be one eventually, stay to one side like road rules or if you bump into a friend and want to chat move to the side don’t stop in the middle of the aisle and block it.

  5. Anonymous  

    But it’s the dawdlers who impulse buy and spend the most money, and whom the layout is designed to attract.

  6. They can be walked around, but if they are stopped in middle of supermarket aisle with trolley also blocking the way, it’s simple to say excuse me can I get through, most don’t even realise they are holding people up

  7. most slow walkers are the elderly.it doesn’t bother me im patient to wait.its the people who block of the isles with their trollys magging with other people about everything .and are to rude to move over.

  8. That’s a great idea, there are many people who would like to walk faster however due to their health problems just can’t, so a little understanding might go along way from those who are in good health.

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