Society may have just reached peak laziness

Just when you thought we couldn’t possibly get any lazier a photo has emerged of a Whole Foods store in

Just when you thought we couldn’t possibly get any lazier a photo has emerged of a Whole Foods store in the U.S selling pre-peeled oranges.

Somehow, someone, somewhere decided that the perfectly good skin covering our oranges was not necessary.

What they may have forgotten is that orange peel actually protects and preserves the fruit to increase their shelf life. It is also a great ingredient on its own, with orange zest adding delicious flavour and body to meals.

Additionally, oranges are usually cut into quarters before eating, the peel does not come any where near being consumed so we are a little puzzled as to how this is saving time?

Okay, if there are people out there that eat oranges like apples and take a giant bite out of them, than having them already peeled for you might be a great idea. Or if you use oranges for juicing or blending, not having to worry about peeling the skin off could be really helpful.

But, one big oversight of this ‘genius’ idea is that they have taken a perfectly good, natural, biodegradable packaging and replaced it with non-biodegradable plastic!

So now we are not only missing out on our orange zest but we are creating more rubbish which sit in landfill or thousands of years, to remind us of just how lazy we are.

People all over the world have been shocked by this invention, some saying it is the best thing they have ever seen, and other’s totally opposed to it.

Unfortunately for those that were thrilled with the idea of pre-peeled fruits, when Whole Foods saw the negative backlash they decided to pull it from the shelves.

The other day I posted this photo of peeled oranges in plastic containers from Whole Foods Market. Over 2,000 people…

Posted by Michelle Taylor Cehn on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Is this a great loss for the lazy sods of today, or a win for humanity?

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