Gross demo shows how dirty sheets get after a month with no wash

When was the last time you washed your sheets?

What’s lurking in your bed? You might be surprised at what you will find, especially if you haven’t washed your sheets for a while. Or vacuumed the mattress, for that matter.

A British woman named Karen had the surprise of her life when an expert from Rentokil did an experiment on her mattress on live television for This Morning.

He used a powerful vacuum on her mattress, and displayed the collected dead skin cells, dust mites and bacteria that resulted in a puddle of dirty brown liquid.

“That is just shocking, absolutely shocking. I can’t believe how much dirt was in there”, Karen said.

You can watch the episode below:

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What some viewers found the most shocking, though, was Karen’s next statement. The Birmingham woman admitted that it had been about four weeks since she had washed her sheets, saying that she often left them for three to four weeks without a launder.

Many took to social media to vent about her not-so-clean habit, or to confess how often they change theirs.

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It turns out you should not only wash your sheets in hot water on a regular basis, you should also vacuum the mattress and give it a good airing out by opening the bedroom windows, to avoid a result like Karen’s, just hopefully not on national television!

What’s the average time before a sheet wash in your household?