Get beautiful hair with these 12 easy tips and tricks

There are so many different tips and guides out there for doing your hair, we have collected some of our

There are so many different tips and guides out there for doing your hair, we have collected some of our favourites and put them all in this article just for you. Below are some easy day to day tips for styling your hair and keeping it healthy.

1. For thin hair:

  • Use salt spray before blow drying
  • blow-dry your hair upside down for volume
  • Dry shampoo does wonders for grease
  • Opt for short haircuts to gain volume


  • using too much product, it will weigh down your hair
  • cutting your hair in layers
  • using too much condition around your scalp
  • flat ironing the ends

2. For thick hair:

  • Long layers add movement to your hair and reduce volume around your scalp
  • Try ombre hair with light ends to reduce thickness


  • Washing your hair everyday
  • Running your hands though your hair too much, it will stick up
  • Using a bristle brush
  • blow-drying your hair

3. For fly-a-ways

  • Tame flyaway hair strands by spraying a toothbrush wiht hairspray and coming them down.

4. Spray your bobby pins

  • For a better hold, spray your bobby pins with dry shampoo or hairspray before using them.

5. Prevent damage

  • When your hair is wet only brush with a wide-tooth comb to prevent damage.

6. Oils to use

  1. Jojoba oil: moisturises, reduces dandruff, prevents hair loss and controls frizz
  2. Castor oil: improves scalp circulation, helps grow/regrow hair, prevents split ends and moisturises
  3. Coconut oil: deeply conditions, provides protein and eliminates dandruff (not good for thin hair0
  4. Avocado oil: smooths hair, helps protect from future damage and is high in protein
  5. Olive oil: great sealant and helps with dandruff, frizz, shine and sealing hair

7. Washing hair tips

  • Use an old t-shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair. Towels can induce frizz by causing fragile curls to snage and break.
  • Try applying hair products while your hair is still wet, they may work better or differently while your hair is damp.

8. Which sized straighteners should I use?

  • Mini flat iron is best for pixie cuts and bangs
  • 3cm width flat iron is best for short fine hair
  • 4cm width flat iron is best for shoulder-length, medium-thick hair
  • 5cm width flat iron best for thick very long hair

9. Matching your hair colour to your complexion

090216_hair colour 1

via Beauty Bridge

10. Split ends

090216_split ends

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11. How to curl with a straightener



12. Give volume to your ponytail


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Is there a hair or beauty tip you use each day that you would like to share?

  1. Don’t get perms, it ages you, keep it short in layers, give yourself a wax treatment at home every month, hair feels amazing after that.

    • I don’t perm or colour & if I need a trim I do it my self… My hair is long. thick, healthy & I can do so much more with it.. I don’t understand why so many older ladies have such short mannish hair… I think short no nonsense hair is ageing…

  2. I had amazing hair,wavy and half way down my back,but then life happened and I came out of hospital Telly Savalas bald,and it grew back dead straight and now grows in all different directions because of all the scarring…now I have crazy hair!

    • Is it usual to have a tender scalp and lose hair after Surgery? Over 7hrs Anaesthetic and heaps of drugs and procedures? 🙁 Miserable but….still here! (Y)

    • Patricia Halifax I had 12 hours of brain surgery over a period of 2 weeks,They pumped me full of drugs,had every procedure known to man…it is now37 years later,my head is delicate still get weird pains,still numb,still have various disabilities I was left with…..still laugh every day…life is too short to be miserable x

    • Terri Rice  

      So sorry to hear – I have long curly hair too ( almost waist length ) @ 61 .coloured & nourished to keep its’ strength.
      Christine – look after & nourish your hair & scalp with good quality products ( preferably not supermarket brands) & you may be surprised with a big Thank you from it down the track. Not sure if the scarring from surgery has killed the hair roots? If so it won’t grow back – sooooo”…… Move to plan B – don’t become a short haired Grandmother type who loses all sense of style as age has set in. You’ve obviously always been a vibrant , out there person – keep it that way !!
      Tie your long hair up with gentle bands to prevent breakage & use hair adornments to enhance the look ( & possibly cover any sparse spots )
      Good luck but even more important – DO NOT lose your inner self – keep that Christine there for decades to come !! 😇👍🏻

  3. My thick curly hair does its own thing despite any intervention.

  4. I rub extra virgin Olive oil into my hair at least once a month and sleep with it on and wash it out the next day, I suggest you wear a scarf to bed to stop it staining your pillow slips. It gives my hair a deep conditioning.

  5. Once a week I give myself a hair treatment. In the shower I exfoliate face and body and shampoo and condition hair. I leave conditioner on and get out of shower and put an old shower cap on. Then I apply a mud mask to my face (bought from coles for $10, lasts about 6 months) and relax for 20 minutes. Then rinse conditioner and mask off. Hair feels lovely and soft and my face feels very clean. I don’t how much all that would cost if I paid to have it done.

  6. I always had perms until chemo caused me to lose a lot of hair so now it has grown back straight but thicker and nice and shiny, got a bit of grey which I like, no more perms as I decided no more chemicals for me.

  7. Had very thick straightish hair with a bit of a kick, chemo put paid to that, now it’s thin whispy and does whatever it bloody likes!

    • Terri Rice  

      Well done Fred. Keep that positive attitude, live long & stay healthy.

  8. If a natural kink in hair short layered and tossed, is an easy style to maintain, not flat and boring. Long drab hair on older women looks old and drab.

    • June Montgomery  

      I agree, long hair on older women age them especially it isn’t styled nicely, just hanging around their shoulders. Shorter hair is much easier to manage and if styled right isn’t aging.

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