Looking back at our favourite hunks from the 70s

Do you remember those posters you had plastered all over your bedroom wall as a teenager? Do you ever wonder

Do you remember those posters you had plastered all over your bedroom wall as a teenager?

Do you ever wonder what happened to them? Well, most of your teen crushes are still alive and looking great.

Let’s take a look back at the 70s today – who was your male celebrity crush?

Rock Hudson


Rock sadly passed away in 1985, aged 49.

Robert Wagner


The Hart to Hart star is 86 now.

Paul Newman


Paul passed away in 2008.

Harry Belafonte


The “Island in the Sun” singer is now 89.

Sean Connery

Sean_Connery_1971 SeanConneryJune08

He is still acting age 85.

Robert Redford

Robert_Redford_Barefoot_in_the_park Robert_Redford_(cropped)

79 and still go it!

Charlton Heston

Charlton_Heston_-_1953 CharltonHeston1981_2_crop

He passed away in 2008.

Cliff Richard

Cliff_Richard_Allan_Warren Cliff_Richard_performs_at_State_Theatre;_Sydney,_Australia_(3)

Cliff still performs, even at 85.

Tom Selleck

magnumpi Tom_Selleck_2010

Magnum PI! He’s 71.

Harrison Ford

7000662221_0de6a6fa05_b Harrison_Ford_Cannes

He recently starred in last year’s Star Wars.

Chevy Chase

Chevy_Chase_1980 Chevy_Chase_at_the_2008_Tribeca_Film_Festival

72 and still acting.

John Travolta

John_T_color_01Breitling - flagship store opening

John is currently starring in American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson.

David Cassidy

David_Cassidy_Allan_Warren David_Cassidy

A staunch advocate for Alzheimer’s research, David is now 65.

Rick Springfield

419137247_1280x972 Rick-Springfield_2010-10-20_photoby_Adam-Bielawski

“You know I wish that I had Jessie’s Girl!” Rick is 66 and last year appeared alongside Meryl Streep in the movie Ricki and the Flash.

Neil Diamond

5386737031_99ca892590_o Neil_Diamond_2

Last but not least: Neil Diamond! The crooner is still touring and producing music.

Who was your male celebrity crush when you were growing up?