This little kid’s drawing of a funeral is so funny it might become an ad

We all know kids say the darndest things but they can also draw them too. This was particularly true for

We all know kids say the darndest things but they can also draw them too. This was particularly true for a recent callout from a funeral home in America – they asked children to draw an ad for their funeral services.

They were playing devil’s advocate there, and no doubt knew the responses would be quite honest and funny. One in particular stood out, and a user on Reddit took to the forum to explain the odd request.

“I live about 20 minutes from this place, used to write obituaries for them at my local newspaper.

“The newspapers here run these big pull outs of ads drawn by kids every year. There are a bunch of businesses that do it — restaurants, shoe stores, the schools themselves and, yes, funeral homes. When I was in elementary school it was like a contest of sorts. Your class had a business, and whoever had the best drawing went into the newspaper special section”, user Lindthom said.

Some other commenters said it was tasteless of the funeral home to ask kids to be so morbid, but a user called nospecialhurry defended the decision, saying “Kids shouldn’t know about death? Be exposed to death? Death is scary? You know the saying about how if a child falls down and looks at you and you act like it’s a big deal they’ll cry? Well, you’re like the death version of that. Talking about death with kids is taboo because you’re making it that way”.

Take a look at the ad and tell us, did it make you laugh?

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  1. Gloria Paddock  

    I think is a great ad. I am still having a giggle. I love looking at the world through the eyes of a child. Everything is so simple. Adults change our perception of everything.With a child’s view it is what it is.

  2. Graeme Inglis  

    Yes, I had a giggle – it’s always funny how kids see things …….!!
    An anecdote, not about funeral homes, but quite amusing….. About 20 years ago I took my kids to the MCG where Essendon was playing against Collingwood. We were high up in the stands and next to some ‘Pies supporters, two older teenage boys and their Dad who happened to be sitting next to me. His lads were yelling ‘playing advice’ quite vocally as if they could be heard ‘from the gods’ and even their Dad spent some time with his fingers in his ears. It was a generally goodnatured mixed group of supporters for either team. Things were much quieter at half-time and a little girl about 6 or 7 two rows below us said, “Collingwood is going to lose.”
    The two ‘Pies boys went quiet. The girl repeated herself, and the lads went quieter still, until, inevitably one of them asked the very young lady, “How do you know?”.
    “Because they’re no good.”, she replied innocently.
    Immediately everyone in earshot of the exchange, about 20 – 30 people just burst out laughing, including the lads’ Dad. The look on the boys’ faces was priceless, and then they too saw the funny side. Result? A very human and funny incident which still makes me smile to this day.

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