This frustrated mother invoiced her son for over $40,000… Here’s why!

An American mother has invoiced her son for over $40 000, reminding him to be less self-entitled. Her bold move

An American mother has invoiced her son for over $40 000, reminding him to be less self-entitled. Her bold move has been praised by many people online.

The internet user known as “Chalipo” said his mother invoiced him for items such as cleaning, cooking and transportation.

Chalipo’s mum even included a $1 000 penalty fee for being “an a**hole and not appreciative of your mother’s support financially or otherwise”.

This bill clearly opened Chalipo’s eyes, because he wrote online: “This was a very effective parenting technique and it has helped me to realised what an entitled little **** I have been”.

“I hope to one day be successful enough to support my family and repay her, but she doesn’t expect me too”, Chalipo added, for anyone wondering how he could ever afford to his mother’s invoice.

Chalipo’s mother reportedly responded: “Proud of you son. You could have reacted in many ways… Instead you preferred to make an example of yourself. That shows incredible integrity at any age”.

Would you ever invoice your child, grandchild or family for services rendered? Do you think parents today could be better at disciplining their kids?

Mom gave me an invoice for supporting me for 13 months. Charged me $1000 for being an unappreciative asshole.~Submitted by ChalipoGIF? View here:

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  1. I hope my parents didn’t think my brother and I took them for granted. We did, of course as youngsters and knew we had parents that would back us no matter what. I believe our parents felt like I feel. I can’t pay it back a generation but I can pay it forward. Our children have been given all that we can afford (and more) We don’t expect it back. We expect them to pay it forward to the next generation.My parents don’t know it – but they have a bunch of great-grandchildren being given everything they could ever want. What my great-grandparents did is still alive even though they are long gone because each generation does as they did and paid what little they had into the future generation.

    • Catharine my son made me happy when he was finished high school when he said “No-one except Simon (his mate) had a father who put as much time and money into him as Dad did for me” So he noticed. Our daughter wrote a lovely note thanking Dad for making them eat their vegetables and for the piano lessons, swimming lessons, skating lessons. driving lessons they were taken to week after week. I rang her and said “What’s this about?” She was living in my late parents house and was horrified by the dreadful life the aboriginal kids next door had. The comparison between her life and their lives was so apparent. She couldn’t live there long. It was too depressing for her.

  2. My parents sacrificed everything they could for myself, brother, and sister. I am doing likewise. I believe thats what parents should do. In the end, family means more to me than anything else, followed very closely by my beautiful friends 🌸

  3. They would laugh at me, however I am aware that they are appreciative of the sacrifices I made for them. Nothing to do with money🙂❤️

  4. My ex husband or his mother made a comment to my son, how I was just a ‘money grabbing..’ while he was staying with his father’s family. I wasn’t spending the child support on our son evidently. I explained how much child support his father paid and suggested on the Sunday he got home and shouted this accusation that we write down how much I spend on him. By Tuesday evening he put away the notepad and I never heard the accusation again.

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