The slang terms we used to use in the 1970s

When we were growing up, it was another time with a whole set of phrases, sayings and slang terms. What

When we were growing up, it was another time with a whole set of phrases, sayings and slang terms. What the young kids have now, we had our own version without the computers and abbreviations!

Some of these terms you might find yourself saying today, despite them coming into the vernacular in the 70s.

The 70s were the decade when everything was laid back and relaxed, and the attitude spilled over into the slang of the day as you’ll see below. We definitely had a unique way of expressing ourselves.

Which of these terms did you remember using?

Ace: Very good, funky, awesome

Airhead: Stupid person, usually a female

Bitchin’: Very cool or really great

Blow off: To skip, avoid or ignore someone or something

Bludged: Scrounge or sit around lazily

Boogie: To dance

Boo-yah: Excited term of joy and happiness

Bummer: Bad news, not good

Can you dig it?: Do you like it; do you understand?, do you agree?

Chunder: To vomit

Cool cat: A good friend or cool person

Deadset: Genuine, awesome

Drag: Boring

Dream on: Being unrealistic about something

Far out man: Cool, awesome

Foxy: Very attractive girl

Funky: Another way of saying “that’s cool”

Good vibes: Positive energy

Groovy: A good idea

Grouse: Good

Hairy Eyeball: Somebody looking at you suspiciously or disapprovingly is giving you the hairy eyeball

Heavy: Intense, serious or very important.

Hip: Cool

Jive turkey: A detestable person.

Jump your bones: To want to have sex with that person.

Let it all hang out!: Go for it

Molls: Derogatory term for a girl

Nanoo, Nanoo: The greeting phrase from Mork and Mindy

Neat: Cool

Nick off: Go away

No Way, Jose: No

Packin’ sh*t: Terrified

Pash: Passionate kiss

Peace: Relax or goodbye

Psyche: To trick someone

Psychedelic: Awesome

Raggin’ or Rag On: Put someone down.

Right on: Cool or correct

Shagadelic: To be very hot or sexy

Shaggin’ wagon: A customised van with bed in the back for you know what

Spunky: Sexy, hot

Square: Not cool

What’s the Buzz?: What’s going on? What’s happening?


What slang terms did you use? What others would you add?