The cure for your Election Hangover

It is that horrible time, the time after the Election is done and you start to wonder if you did

It is that horrible time, the time after the Election is done and you start to wonder if you did the right thing on your ballot papers. It is called the Election Hangover. Though at least for this election the votes tried to ease the problem with not giving us a clear result right away.

While many will be happy that their candidate won, there will be others that see the first speech of the newly elected member and think “Oh no. What have we done?”. This stage of Election Hangover is the darkest of the Election Hangover and could last up to three years unless some act of “caught on camera and is forced to resign” helps with your recovery.

For everyone else, the intoxication of the campaign that lets you hope for a better future will have that giveaway to the realisation that it’s probably going to be more of the same.

For those we offer some fantastic Election Hangover cures to get you up and functioning again.

It could be “hung.”

While a hung government is not an ideal situation, it does at least provide a small cure that one party won’t be able to ruin completely what the other party started. This isn’t targeted at any particular party as they all do it. This isn’t so much as a cure as it is an ease prolonged suffering. Not ideal, but it’ll make you able to shamble through your day with only a slight headache.


It’s not really that bad is it? Your candidate didn’t win, or did win and exposed themselves as someone that only told you what you wanted to hear to get elected, but it won’t end badly right? Much can be said for placing your head completely in the sand and hoping that it’ll just go away. Nothing bad can happen if you ignore it. Right? Right?


If all else fails, have a look at your friends across the sea. Have a look at their political system where the voters vote doesn’t matter and where a reality TV star could end up President. Australia’s election results aren’t that bad now, are they?

There you have it a sure fire cure for your Election Hangover. Or until you can get to the Election version of “the hair of the dog”; state elections.

How are you dealing with your Election Hangover? Are you still intoxicated Campaign champaign?