Sure-fire ways to embarrass your grandkids

My grandparents were pranksters! No matter what they occasion they would always try and find funny ways to embarrass my

My grandparents were pranksters! No matter what they occasion they would always try and find funny ways to embarrass my sisters and I.

Looking back now I, it was pretty darn funny! Here is a list of sure-fire ways to embarrass your grandkids:

  • Showing affection in public

This one is probably more for the older grandkids and must be done in the public eye. Even though you are most definitely genuine it is also a little funny to watch then squirm as you declare your love. Following this up with a pinch on the cheek, cuddle or even a kiss is sure to result in some serious blushing.

  • Talking loudly in supermarkets about embarrassing

For some reason kids just hate loud conversations that can be overheard. My grandma would always get to the homewares isle and loudly proclaim that we needed toilet paper, “make sure it is extra soft…three ply at least!” she would say. And I would have to hang my head in shame and walk down the isle to grab it, with what I thought was the eyes of the world watching.

  • Wear the same/similar outfits

Nothing is more embarrassing than having your mum or grandma dress like you. Next time you are out clothes shopping with your granddaughter I dare you to pick up the same top as her and try it on… Just wait for the mortified reaction.

  • Dance

No matter if you are young or old, breaking out in dance in public is pretty embarrassing. Especially if you are dancing in silence or no reason at all. This is also great fun and cardio for the day.

  • Sing or rap…or both!

Similar to dancing, singing out loud in public can be totally embarrassing. Especially if you do what my Grandma did and sing old classical songs in a high pitched voice. She has a great voice; I’ll give her that but it was still super embarrassing.

  • Try using ‘hip’ words

Words and phrases like, ‘on fleek’, ‘totes’, ‘FOMO’, ‘YOLO’ and any other weird things they might say, really don’t have the same impact coming from grandma. Bonus points if you can use them in a sentence around their friends!

  • Leave cute notes in their lunch boxes

My mum always used to do this. As a kid I thought it was so embarrassing, but as an adult I look back and think about how cute it was. Writing them little notes for the lunch box letting them know how much you love them.

  • Call them nicknames in public

‘Cherub’, ‘Pumpkin’, ‘Snuggle-bunny’ and any other cute or wacky nickname they may have should probably not leave the confines of home. But if you’re really wanting to make them blush calling them out in public will definitely do the trick!

At the end of the day, the way to embarrass them the most is to let them know just how much you love them! The mushier the better.

How do you embarrass your grandkids? Any funny stories to share?


  1. Oh yeah , I am a woman who laughs a lot and a few years ago I took my grandkids to see a funny movie I really enjoyed it and thought they would have too but afterwards to my dismay I discovered they had been embarrassed by me . Oh well that didn’t stop me and hopefully one day they will appreciate how much I enjoyed my life .

    • Yes that always works. Teenagers seem to think that they were the result of an immaculate conception. Any proof that they were not is very embarrassing to them.

  2. A warped sense of humour helps plus 6 great grandkids.😜😝😛💙💜💖💙💙💙

  3. When I drop my 2 grandkids (7 & 9) off to school it’s a game with both of them to avoid nana’s kisses, lock themselves in the car, lock & unlock the doors, heads down, run around the car etc but then I say ok have a good day – they both run at me for hugs & kisses…

  4. I love to embarrass mine by telling some of the things i did when i was young, they always say “too much information nan” haha.

  5. My 17 year old grandsonhates it when I comment on his posts on facebook. He says hes glad my surname is different so his friends dont know we are related.

  6. The kids live too faraway, we only see each other every couple of years, we will see them in June and I will have to see what I can do then.

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