Australia Day should last all year

Jeff Cook, a member of the Starts at 60 Community and a poet has sent in this thought provoking poem
Poet's Corner

Jeff Cook, a member of the Starts at 60 Community and a poet has sent in this thought provoking poem for Australia Day.  We challenge you to give this one a little read, and a big conversation.  Do you agree with Jeff? 

I’ve been thinking rather seriously about Australia Day

And if I wrote of what it means to me, just what would I say

So I decided if I was called on to say a word or two

I’d endeavour to be ready, but I wonder though, would you?


Are you proud of your Australia and the people living here?

When you hear our National Anthem, do you sing it loud and clear?

Do the words of it entice you to stand and sing with pride?

Or do you stumble on the words not known, stay sitting down, or hide?


Do you drive an Aussie motor car, buy mainly Aussie goods?

Is your house/garage/veranda built with cheap imported woods?

Does the foodstuff that you buy come from here? Or overseas?

Do you even check the origin of your biscuits, ham, or cheese?


We grow the finest vegetables, and the juiciest of fruit

But import just as much again, so our growers must uproot

many trees and vines and trellises, let their fruit rot on the vine

while we drink imported fruit juice, blithely sip imported wine


When our Olympic athletes were competing just the other year

If they won they got our loudest, most endearing Aussie cheer

But when their luck was out, if they were conquered and forlorn

We seemed to have a dose for them of pure unbridled scorn


Did we encourage and support them, help to get them over there?

Provide them with their training costs assist them with their fare?

Do we offer much encouragement before they’re at their best?

Or must they wait for accolades until they’ve passed this toughest test?


I don’t want to knock Australians, but I hope to make them think

Perhaps to recognise how close we are to gurgling down the sink

And that only we can stop it, and that if we all played our part

We’d turn Australia round again – Come on, let’s make a start!


Yes, I’m ready for the question of what Australia Day should mean;

A time for plans for days to come, reflect on what has been

Though I’m proud of our achievements, there’s room for improvement yet

And a positive attitude will do it, combined with a bit more sweat!


Let’s not tear down our tall poppies, let’s be proud of who we are

Drink Aussie drink, wear Aussie clothes, drive a truly Aussie car

Let’s celebrate Australia Day, do it well, with Aussie cheer

But from now on lets all do it every day of every year!


Love it… give it a share!

  1. I am ashamed to admit that I have forgotten all the words to the national anthem. Once I could recite it without any problems. As far as Aussie cars, there won’t be any made here for much longer. I enjoyed the poem though.

  2. Good sentiments but we should be proud of this country no matter what it is a fabulous place

  3. right on.
    I feel same about clean up Australia Day. shouldn’t it be ALL the time. shouldn’t we not rubbish it in the first place!!!!!

  4. Good poem, I am proud to be Australian and do try to buy local although I must admit, my latest car was not.

  5. Jeff’s poem rings true to me. If only it were that simple. Australia is a multi cultural society and it follows that most people from other countries and of different cultures and religions will place that which is close to their hearts ahead of that which is foreign.

    • No not always I’m an import, from the UK. I Try to buy Australian I can sing the national anthem I do pay my taxes and try to be an Australian, I’m proud to be here.i love this country too

    • Anne Dodd. I said most people ,not all. I have this opinion based on experience. I acknowledge that many do place Australia first.

  6. Good poem you covered it I try to buy Australian and I always buy local but a lot of people go for cheap imported shit today

  7. I liked the poem and we should all be proud of our country. I am proud, but ashamed of our government who won’t call in back taxes owed by big business and just want to take away from aged pensioners and low income families. It’s a disgrace that they are ruled by big business and don’t care about Australia or Australians.

  8. Which truly Aussie car is that Jeff? I choose Australian over imported whenever I can, even if at times it is more expensive. I prefer Australian, especially our food products because, in comparison to other countries, we have very high food standards. It isn’t possible to buy exclusively Australian, unless of course, you choose not to eat food, or take medications or quite are number other things not made in Australia. It’s also good to try to avoid food products made in Australia when the company is owned overseas and most profits do not benifit this country. Think we could all do a lot more.

  9. Everyone has chosen a different aspect to comment on and I agree with them all. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Good poem,

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