Peter Dutton wants a harder citizenship test and a comedian rises to the challenge

This past week Immigration Minister Peter Dutton appeared on 3AW to discuss Australian Citizenship. In the interview, Mr Dutton called

This past week Immigration Minister Peter Dutton appeared on 3AW to discuss Australian Citizenship. In the interview, Mr Dutton called for tougher citizenship questions for people looking to call Australia home. He stated, “We need to see whether people are abiding by Australian laws, whether they are educating their children, if they are able-bodied and of working age, whether or not they are engaged in work or whether they have had a long period of time on welfare”.

Mr Dutton also said that “the test is dictated essentially by questions around Australian trivia if you like. And my view is that we could look at a test that would more embrace Australian values.”

This morning comedian and writer for the ABC, Ben Pobjie, wrote his own questions for the Citizenship text that he thinks will represent the “Australian values” that Mr Dutton was referencing. While some of these joke questions touch on sensitive issues for Australians, some of them were downright hilarious. To read the entire list of questions here, but here are a few of our favourites.

“Question 3: If you are driving past a house and the residents have left their hard rubbish on the nature strip, what is the most Australian thing to do?

  1. Take all of it
  2. Leave most of it, but take the mattress because honestly there’s nothing wrong with it at all, and the TV, which doesn’t work but maybe Rob can fix it up
  3. Leave some of your own rubbish with it to save yourself some trouble
  4. Set fire to everything”

“Question 6: Which of these activities could get you imprisoned under Australian law?

  1. Public nudity
  2. Describing Nauru
  3. Questioning the celebrity status of Bindi Irwin
  4. Tweeting”


“Question 8: The greatest duty of all Australian citizens is:

  1. The defence of the nation
  2. Stimulating the economy through rampant consumerism
  3. Participating in democracy
  4. Shouting on talkback radio”

Once again, if you would like to read all the questions you can do so here.

  1. Rod  

    Question 1 should be “who is the Prime Minister of Australia” the answer would change every 18 months or so and that would keep wannabe Aussies on their toes.

  2. Peter  

    Perhaps we should have a test for aspiring Senators! Then we might not have to put up with Dutton and half the other morons.

    • Brian Clarke  

      Agree 100% Peter!

      • Robert Green  

        You two are unbelievable! Peter Dutton is perhaps the only sensible commentator on our abismal system. With the amount of rubbish coming into Australia and gaining citizenship, Centrelink payments and free accomodation, we would be better off giving the job to rethmans, they are experts in moving garbage.

        Wake up you clowns, we need to start fixing things and tossing the rubbish back for our own safety!

  3. Cloin Oldham  

    All newcomers to Australia shouldn’t have access to CITIZENSHIP for 10 years and only then if they’ve assimilated, worked and kept their noses clean. Any children born here of such folk will qualify to be Australians ONLY if their parents do.This must apply to all no matter what creed or culture they come from. We have enough of our PARASITES here already and we DEFINITELY don’t need to import any more.

    • pauline Howell  

      I would never have agreed to this in the past but I now totally agree also we should stop entrance & payment to Muslims extra 2 de-facto wives some aged 14 yrs ,,,I firmly believe that English should be taught in refugee camps not waiting till they arrive and sending them to college took my 45yr Muslim friend 3 yrs he worked in a pizza bar on minimum wage for 8 years when I got his C.V.( 20 page ) translated in his own country he was a famous Movie Director, TV producer of 5 education programs I thought he couldn’t drive because he was to poor in his own country to own a car ,,his son told me they had a chauffeur etc..ect . he was never able to get work in his field here ever & believe me he tried very hard I have met a lot of highly qualified people who have never been able to find work in their chosen field even Doctors, nurses /teachers lets educate them in English before they arrive so they can go straight into the work field or back to Uni.

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