Summer of ’69: Remembering our life on the beach

Remember when we could just splash around and chill out at the beach all holidays? The Australian beach is iconic

Remember when we could just splash around and chill out at the beach all holidays? The Australian beach is iconic and tonight we take a look back at those days in the sun!

What do you remember? Growing up near a beach was the Aussie dream.


Via State library of NSW

Catching some rays!


Via State library of Victoria 

Looking for pippies


Via State library of Victoria 

Catching a wave


The iconic station wagon and caravan

Via State library of NSW 


Via Yvonne Thompson 

A family pic


Via Yvonne Thompson 

We all love camping!


Via Yvonne Thompson 

Remember sitting in the back of the car?


Via Catherine Armitage

Beach picnics!


Via Australian Government

Beach cricket is the best.


Via Australian Government

Did you ever go surfing?


Via Surf research

So cool….


Via Pittwater Online News

Surf Life Savers


Via Coffs Harbour Surf Lifesaving Club

Fun times!


Via The Surf Club Mooloolaba

Combie vans were a beach favourite


Via The Guardian

Did you ever go camping?


Via The Guardian

Did you stay on a resort when you went to beach?


Via The Guardian

The beaches were always popular


Via flickr

Beach showers were refreshing.



Via Graham Burstow 

Relaxing on the deck – look at that view!


Via flickr

What are your memories of the beach?

  1. Remember those days well. I lived in Sydney and had no fear of the surf a bit different now lol

  2. I hung out at the beach too, I can remember the stomp competitions at Nobby’s beach and surfing down the Leggy and at the Cowrie Hole 🙂

  3. Remember it very well, some of the best days of my life. Grew up in Sydney in the sixties and seventies. Yep those were the days!!! Ha ha

  4. Hiring a canoe 2 shillings for 2 hours wearing the latest (homemade) mumu n thongs… big centre pole tent….seats were apple boxes n bedtime the car came inside for littlies beds….bigger sisters got the hessian stretchers n boy did they smell!!! All food came out if a can n we popped bluebottles washed up on the south NSW coast…..great times

  5. I remember it very well my X Husband was a life saver at St Kilda beach, so it seemed like we lived there. They were carefree times for us and so very much fun.

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