Looking back at when the Food Sealer

In the 1970s there seemed to be a gadget and gizmo craze that focused around the kitchen.  The trash compactor

In the 1970s there seemed to be a gadget and gizmo craze that focused around the kitchen.  The trash compactor that would package your trash into a sealed paper bag, the sixteen-speed blender and the Teflon coated popcorn popper dominated the product landscape.

The 1971 Food Sealer was a to revolutionise the art of cooking and food keeping.  It’s based on the French cooking style of sous-vide, which is boiling food in airtight bags.  The product is described on thepeoplehistory.com as:

“Seal and freeze almost any dish. Great for saving leftovers. Busy homemakers can cook foods at their convenience, serve later. To reheat food, drop frozen bag in boiling water. Foods cook in their juices in minutes with original flavour and nutrients. It has dozens of other uses too: seal silver; melt cheese or chocolate; sportsmen can seal bait or matches. New two-light system tells when unit is on and when it’s ready for use. Comes in curry yellow or parsley green.”

Did you have one of these amazing gadgets in your house?  Do you still use one or one like this one?  Did it change the way your cooking?


  1. Judith  

    No I never had one, so many of these things are purely gimmicks to part you from your money. The latest seems to be a steam oven which can cost up to $4000 – ridiculous when you probably already have a normal oven, a microwave oven, maybe a slow cooker etc. etc.

  2. Ric  

    We have a vacuum food sealer, and we have replaced it three times. We have never used it for sous vide cookery; we use it mainly to save money, and in that regard it does a marvellous job. The food sealer saves us money in a number of ways; firstly, we can buy food in bulk, split it up into serving-size portions and freeze. Secondly, we can re-seal opened bags of any food which comes in a plastic heat-sealed package, fresh or frozen. Think large bags of crisps, nuts, biscuits, flour, rice, etc., etc. Any frozen veges, which go “fridgy” if left open in the freezer, are perfectly frozen just as they arrive. Thirdly, and this is the biggie for us, meats. Buying meat which has been marked down because it is approaching its use-by date, or is supplied in bulk packs, or is on ‘special’. Again, take it home, divide it up into portions and freeze. Brilliant! We love our vacuum food sealer. Use it EVERY day!
    We have on other occasions been guilty of buying other fad gadgets, like the popcorn maker, the mini doughnut maker, and others better forgotten, but the food sealer will live on forever.

    • Mark  

      I have the original FoodSaver vacuum sealer I also have the attachments vacuum sealing mason jars and use it every day although it’s getting harder and harder to find the bags

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