Barnaby Joyce attacked and injured by an unlikely candidate

On Tuesday night, Barnaby Joyce was meant to meet with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to discuss the new Coalition ministry, but

On Tuesday night, Barnaby Joyce was meant to meet with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to discuss the new Coalition ministry, but he had to suddenly return to his Tamworth home to nurse an injured knee – a result of an attack.

The attacker was not a disgruntled voter or anyone else related to the election, but one of his own. His own sheep, that is. Mr. Joyce was butted by one of his dorpers while handling sheep in a race at his property on Monday. He was in acute pain on Tuesday when he was in Canberra for the Nationals post-election meeting, and was unusually testy with journalists.

Mr. Joyce and his deputy Fiona Nash had been expected to meet Turnbull in Canberra on Wednesday. On Tuesday night it was unclear whether they would talk by telephone or whether Mr. Joyce’s injury would be enough improved to allow him to return from Tamworth to Sydney on Wednesday.

Post-election, it has been determined that the Nationals are entitled to extra ministerial representation, reflecting their bigger proportion of the Coalition. Their numbers have increased from 21 to 22. This is because there is a power-sharing deal between them and the Liberals, a deal that Mr. Joyce has been wanting to keep secret.

It is rumoured that in the last deal Malcolm Turnbull gave undertakings to legislate the effects test into competition law to protect small business, ensured a plebiscite would precede any changes to marriage law, and set courses on other policies on stay-at-home mothers and water.

However, in a Parliament in which virtually every piece of legislation could be the subject of line-by-line negotiations with the opposition and crossbench senators, those parties also have a right to know if the PM is at full liberty to bargain, or is constrained by some secret invisible hand.

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  1. John Reid  

    Sheep 1, Joyce 0, Nats -1, Australia -∞

  2. elena  

    What? A Sheep in a race!!! This confirm the pitiless materialist maddens of some so called human beings…Stop the cruelty all together or suffer the NATURAL consequences. Good on you sweet vulnerable Sheep and open your eyes .arnaby, as always, profits above humanity.

    • A sheep race is merely a term for yards where sheep are kept for treatment etc. Nothing cruel about worming or delousing. Some people really were born yesterday

    • Colours  

      Quite right Elena – a tiny bit of payback for the millions of sheep and lambs that he and the people he represents torment and slaughter every year, totally unnecessarily.

  3. Has there been a time in parliament where there more National Party member than Liberals because that would be very interesting if there were. I wonder what sort of parliament we would get then. And what sort of Prime Minister as well hopefully one that really talk TOO the people of Australia not AT them as most politicians because I think that have realised that it is the community that pays their wages, and can vote them out at the next election if they are not doing the right thing, on our behalf.

    • Claire Hancock  

      To the best of my knowledge, the Nationals have never held more seats than the Liberals. However, the Liberals have hardly ever held enough seats to form a Government in their own right: nearly always they win less seats than Labor, and the Liberals have to join with the Nationals to have enough combined members to form a Government.

      On the other hand, when Labor is in government, they invariably have the numbers to govern in their own right, having won more seats than both the Liberals and Nationals combined.

  4. Truth 13  

    Who said, sheep has no brains ?. What some of the voters were unable to do to him in Tamworth, a smart sheep did. He was lucky not to have got hit another 45 cms above the knee. If it happened, he would have been like a member of the gun lobby in USA, men without BB. Not bed & breakfast. It is Brains & Balls.

  5. The sheep would not have been in a race as such. The “race” in this case would have been a long narrow corridor, the sides about 1.5 metre high. They would have been there for checking, drenching and/or other issues.

    I am very comfortable with the sheep butting this weasel. I never liked him, he is mad keen on livestock exports and couldn’t give a damn what happens to the animals either on the voyage or upon arrival.

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