Five hacks to make laundry day easier

You'll never deal with odd socks again!

Laundry day; few people enjoy it. Now that the kids have moved out, and you don’t have quite as much washing to do (unless they’re still bringing it home to mum and dad!), it’s probably a bit easier, but who would go past a few tips that can simplify it even more?

Give these a try, and laundry day will be easy-peasy! 

1. No more lost socks!

It’s a well known phenomenon; socks go into the washing machine, and at least one sock that went in doesn’t make it out. The result is a basket full of odd socks! Get a mesh bag and place it with your laundry hamper or basket. Socks go into the bag, and get washed in it on laundry day, and miracle of all miracles, ALL of the socks come out!

2. Wall dispensers for your laundry detergent

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Putting wall dispensers up keeps potentially dangerous chemicals out of reach of the grandkids, and also stops you having to lift heavy bottles of detergent every time you put a load on. It looks neater too!

3. A pool noodle

It sounds a bit odd, but putting a pool noodle around the thin bars of your drying rack can prevent those sharp creases in clothes, and help eliminate the need for ironing depending on the fabric.

4. A rolling hamper

As we get older, it can get more and more difficult to pick up a laundry basket or hamper, especially when it’s weighed down with heavy, soggy towels.

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If you can’t find a hamper with wheels, your grandchildren’s trains or matchbox cars can come in handy. Simply glue them to the bottom of your hamper with a hot glue gun!

5. Get a whiteboard

How many times have you thrown a load of washing into the washing machine or dryer only to forget that there was a hand-wash only piece in the basket, or a nice woollen jumper that you now won’t be able to fit your left arm into?

Use a whiteboard to write a reminder for yourself in the laundry so you don’t end up devastated by a favourite going into the ordinary load!

Do you have any other laundry tricks you swear by? Let us know in the comments!