Find the edge of a roll of tape without losing your mind
By Starts at 60 WritersIn LifestyleOn Friday 6th Oct, 2017

Find the edge of a roll of tape without losing your mind

There is nothing so infuriating when you need to tape something than not being able to find the edge of the roll. Sure, you can spin the roll and search for the edge, but sometimes the tape can be difficult to unstick. Before you know it, you are cursing and making dents in the roll of tape in frustration.

There is however, a simple solution — a paper clip.

The next time you use your tape, place a paper clip on the stick side of the tape just below where you are making the cut so that you won’t lose the end.

The paper clip is easy to pull off so you can move it with each cut.

It is also thick enough for you to identify where the edge of the roll of tape is without having to study in detail.

If you don’t have a paper clip on-hand, there are a few other items that work just as well. A toothpick, the stick from an ice-cream and a piece of string are all good examples.

What have you lost that has caused you plenty of frustration? What tips do you have? Share them with us.

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