Easy and elegant hairstyles for hot days

Having your hair out on summer days can add a huge amount to you feeling uncomfortably hot. We have found

Having your hair out on summer days can add a huge amount to you feeling uncomfortably hot. We have found some stylish, easy ways to keep your hair off your neck and have you looking good this summer.

Twisted Bun


Via LuLu’s

  1. Start with straight hair
  2. Part your hair in two even sections down the middle
  3. Tie the two pigtails in a knot and hold with bobbie pins
  4. Twist the tip section and wrap it around the knot, pinning as you go.
  5. Twist the remaining section of hair in the opposite direction and repeat step 4.
  6. Finish off your stylish hair do with hairspray (hide the ends under the bun).


Easy Chignon


Via yet another beauty site

  1. Pull your hair into a low ponytail. If you wish you can twist the sides before tying your hair back for added effect (as seen above).
  2. Now make an inside out ponytail. Do this by creating a small hole just above the hairband and flipping your ponytail through it from the outside to the inside.
  3. Lastly take the ponytail and roll it up. Secure it with bobby pins.



Via lulu’s

  1. Section off the front half of your hair, just behind the ears.
  2. Comb back the crown and rest of your hair for a neat look.
  3. Tie the back half of your hair into a low ponytail
  4. Take the free left side of your hair from around your face and wrap around pony. Fasten underneath with a few bobby pins.
  5. Repeat with the right side.

Up-do for medium length hair

160216_medium hair

Via Gurl 

  1. Take two sections of hair from each side of the front of your head,  close to the centre and pin back with bobby pins.
  2. Then take the outer strands from the front of your head and pin back on both sides.
  3. Take the lower hair that is loose, create a swirl (like above) and pin back neatly.
  4. Use hairspray to hold in place.

We apologies that we don’t have any models over the age of 60, these hair styles look great on all ages though!

What are your beauty tips for hot days?

  1. Terri Rice  

    Just bend over slightly, pull all your hair up, give it a couple of twists round & secure with an attractive large hair band leaving a few strands showing so as not to create a ” too neat, Miss Jean Brodie ” look. Takes seconds to do , looks stylish & can easily be released for your long locks to achieve a different evening look. In addition should you decide to let the beast down & run wild ,- place the hair band on your wrist as a bracelet – voila!

  2. Susan Bell  

    plaits, look good under sun hats, keeps hair off the neck, does not require putting your hands behind your head except for the initial parting, good for arthritic shoulders, makes you look younger, beads and coloured bands can be added. Since when did that terrible term UP DO come into use, you put your hair up. Up do sounds like baby talk.

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