Duchess Catherine rehashes old outfit in Canada

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine, explored the natural beauty of Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest on day three

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine, explored the natural beauty of Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest on day three of their royal tour.
After a rainy start, the royal couple enjoyed some dry weather as they walked through a wooded glade in the rainforest, which stretches some 250miles along the coastline of British Columbia, reports Daily Mail.

Kate who is known for her elegant style, chose to dress down for the Canadian outdoors. Instead of wearing new designer pieces, she opted to don a pair of Zara jeans and what looked to be her trusted pair of Penelope Chilvers boots of 12 years. The Duchess completed her outfit with a Holland & Holland safari jacket.

The couple were greeted warmly by the indigenous Heiltsuk people as they arrived on the remote island community of Bella Bella.
The royals were welcomed in a joyous ceremony as ‘hemas’, a hereditary chief, and ‘umaks’, a woman of high rank or standing as they received a number of gifts from the First Nation hosts.

The royal couple also received gifts for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Here, Will and Kate are draped in traditional First Nation blankets printed with the outline of a grizzly bear, trees to represent the forest that surrounds the community.

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Kate looked elegant but practical in a blue sweater which she wore over a blue and white check shirt.

Here make up was kept natural just like her hair. The only accessories the royal seemed to have on was her favourite earrings which she has also been seen wearing, previously.

Do you like her style?

  1. Trish  

    Looks fabulous as always. Don’t much like the term “rehashes”.

  2. Sandy Dougherty  

    Good on her for being sensible. You don’t have to wear Brand New clothes all the time. When she does wear something new people have a go at her for spending too much money! It’s a matter of balance and I think she is doing a good job!

  3. Jen  

    Well, fancy that!
    Appropriate for the occasion.
    Does the age of the garment really concern us?

  4. J. Harste  

    Looks wonderful. She never misses the mark.

  5. so elegant and still a young vibe – the queen is always dressed well but other than the colours changing seems to be in the same style – Kate is beautiful and mindful of keeping costs down – she is criticised for wearing items ove again and if she doesn’t she is called wasteful – just let it be – she is a lady – no plunging necklines, see through or tight butted dresses thank goodness.

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