Don't be a d******d, the advice Lisa Wilkinson gives her man

Lisa Wilkinson and Peter FitzSimons
Lisa Wilkinson posted this image of herself and Peter FitzSimons on their 24th wedding anniversary last September. Source: Instagram.

It was just what Lisa Wilkinson needed; a weekend in Byron Bay.

While she posted an idyllic pic of herself (or her feet, to be precise) with the blue beaches of Byron Bay in front her her, she wasn’t just there for a weekend getaway.

She was there to take part in the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival held over the weekend.

Just the elixir I needed. Back to work tomorrow… #ByronBay #WategosBeach #weekend #winter

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While there was chance for Wilkinson to take the spotlight, as tweeted by others, she had something different to tweet about herself….

… reports of her giving hubby Peter FitzSimons the ‘evil eye’ while sitting in the front row during his festival talk.

“It was a stunning lecture… and very very funny. Here’s why,” she wrote.

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According to the Northern Star article, Wilkinson shared, FitzSimons had the audience in stitches as he delivered his thoughts on why we should be a republic.

“There’s something seriously weird and embarrassing about demanding that our parliamentarians be top to toe, back to front, ridgy didge, dinky di and true blue and smell of gum leaves just before we make them swear allegiance to the Queen – someone that is 100% foreign,” FitzSimons was quoted as saying.

“If you care about national pride and national dignity, the fact that in the 21st century Australia is still getting its head of state from the family of the English aristocrats is ludicrous.

But it was her reported comment of advice she gave before the talk that probably amused the crowds the most.

She gave him stern instructions not to be a ‘loud dickhead’.

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Question is, which part of the story did she think was funniest? His comments, or hers?

After years of marriage, how do you ‘give advice’ to your loved one?