Do crystals really work?

Do crystals really have healing powers? You may have heard of people using crystals to try and cure depression, to

Do crystals really have healing powers? You may have heard of people using crystals to try and cure depression, to find love, and also to encourage skills like communication, creativity and business acumen.

The theory is that crystals transmit energy and if you hold them in your hand, or place them on key energy points on the body, you will experience some benefits like calmness, comfort and feeling revitalised.

Some people even believe that crystals can help cure conditions like ADHD and even infertility and finding the right crystal is by picking the one that you are drawn to.

Many crystal shops sell Chakra kits like this where groups of crystals that are put together to ‘heal’ each of the chakras (energy in your body).

While skeptics may say that this is a just a fad, crystal healing have been said to date back to ancient times, with Sumerians making magic potions from quartz, Greeks wearing amethyst as amulets, and the Chinese using jade in medicines.

Today, crystals are also used in modern technology in watches, radios and computers and quartz, which is made of silicon dioxide, can generate a charge or voltage, so that leads many people to believe that they can transmit energy into the body too.

However, what Christopher French, professor of psychology at Goldsmiths College, said about crystals might disappoint crystal users.

“There’s no evidence to suggest crystals contain energy that can be passed to humans,” said Christopher to Daily Mail.

“What we’re really talking about here is the power of suggestion. Suggestible people will report feeling a tingling or a warmth when they hold crystals, and some say they feel happier and more energetic, or claim their headache or other pain has disappeared.”

“This is a placebo effect. It’s the belief in the crystal, rather than the crystal itself, that’s working.”

An amethyst cluster, a rose quartz generator and an angelite obelisk.

Christopher is not alone in this as other professionals also dismiss the notion that crystals are capable of infusing people with energy and that this is a potentially dangerous pseudo-science.

Rhona Clews who is a clinical psychologist says, “Beliefs like crystal healing often do make people feel calmer and happier — probably because if we believe something will work, that can have a powerful impact.”

“Modern life is very hectic and stressful, and anything that allows people to take time out of their day to relax, calm down their nervous system and contemplate how they feel is beneficial,” said Rhona.

On the other hand, Tanya Walsh who uses crystals in her daily life says, “I know there is no scientific evidence when it comes to crystal healing. But just because it has not been proven, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have healing benefits. I believe that many things from the earth are created for a reason and crystals are meant to heal.”

Do you believe that crystals have healing powers?