Diane Keaton says what every over 60s woman is thinking

If you’re over 60 and female, you can probably relate to what Diane Keaton is saying! The esteemed actress has

If you’re over 60 and female, you can probably relate to what Diane Keaton is saying!

The esteemed actress has opened up about her private life and her life in the bedroom, saying things are a lot different for her these days.

“I am sexually frustrated!” she declared.

“It is not easy these days to find dates with sexually interested men.”

Diane didn’t hold back on any topic in a new interview with Express UK, talking about her sex life (or lack thereof) and ageing.

“I speak my mind,” she said.

“I haven’t always done so but that confidence comes with age and experience. It does not matter whether you are famous or not. Similar problems and situations bind us together.

“I think I suffered from a problem for my generation growing up in the 1950s. You were always ‘picked’ by a man. You were ‘chosen’. I spent too long worrying, thinking and obsessing over men. I am sure that will be familiar to many women my age.

“Part of us will regret we are not in our 20s today with all the new attitudes and opportunities. But you can only deal with the times you are living through and what is thought to be in fashion and acceptable.”

Diane said she’s single and available, but like so many women over 60, has grown skeptical about the idea of ever finding a man she’d actually like to spend her time with and is asking ‘where did all the good men go?’.

She also talked about ageing and said the older she gets, the more she appreciates life.

“I remember 30 being such a big deal,” she said.

“Yet that was probably the worst. People forgot and I did not make anything of it.

“My 40th was not so bad and for my 50th I had a big party with Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn because we were making ‘The First Wives Club’. We were in New York, there were lots of parties and fun.

“With my 60th I decided to think seriously about time and cherish every single minute from that point onwards. Life is getting more exciting and interesting as I get older and I don’t understand why.

“Maybe it’s that time aspect, that I’m coming closer to the end. Time speeds up and I realise that there are only so many years – or days, because you never really know – to really appreciate it.”

Can you relate to what Diane is saying? If you’re single, do you ever wonder ‘where all the good men went’?

  1. [email protected]  

    Absolutely agree!

  2. Jane quigley  

    Yes, sadly it is very difficult finding a man that isn’t bitter and twisted due to previous divorce or breakups. I don’t really think they even like women but want the benefits without really giving any part of their broken hearts. That or they won’t let go of the love of a deceased partner and live in the past. Men also expect to get a much younger model even though they aren’t aging well themselves so it is very hard and I nearly forgot to mention the players out there😒

  3. Disey  

    Come on ladies, there’s so much more to life than having sex and going to parties – I think everyone around this age especially comes with ‘some’ baggage – get busy, you can do so much more with your lives than hunting down men !

  4. Anita Stachowiec  

    Sex is simply the tip of the iceberg. Love is where it’s at and that’s simply a vibration of being who you are .

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