Three groovy, crafty Christmassy table decorations you can whip up inexpensively

I love to decorate my home with memories and knick nacks at Christmas time. And the place I am always

I love to decorate my home with memories and knick nacks at Christmas time. And the place I am always looking to do something different is the table. So today I’ve featured three of my favourite ideas for the dining table in the weeks leading up to Christmas that won’t cost much, nor will it look “store bought” and overly manufactured. In fact, people might just be impressed how beautifully personal your home looks.



Lighted Burlap table runner

Forget a table runner this year – this lighted garland is just the touch you need to have a memorable Christmas dinner.

What you need:

  • Burlap ribbon in three colours
  • Mini fairy lights
  • Scissors


  • Cut the burlap into 5cm pieces, then cut again down the middle for a thinner strip.
  • Start tying those burlap strips around the wire, alternating colours
  • Place on the table!




Doily Table Runner

This doily table runner will be a talking point yet your guests won’t know just how easy it was to make!

What you need:

  • doilies of all sizes
  • string or thread



  • Lay out your largest doilies first
  • Fill in with smaller doilies.
  • Overlap the edges of the big and small doilies so that the small ones aren’t always on top.
  • Attach the doilies together using string or thread and double knotting – this will be easy to just cut off if you want to use your doilies again for something else.


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Burlap with wool stitching

What you need:

  • Appropriate length burlap or hessian
  • Scissors, sewing machine and thread
  • Red coloured wool
  • Bells for decoration


  • Cut your burlap to the right length
  • Iron and hem with invisible thread.
  • Using a large darning needle and wool, stitch the decorative red thread the length in three rows being careful to match the stitch length.
  • Finish the ends with a decorative bell
  • Tie off ends with a pretty bow.


Show us what you’re doing on your table!